Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 14

Face Of The Enemy

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1993 on CBS

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  • Kidnapped Troi becomes a Romulan forced to undergo a secret mission

    Frankly this episode was a disappointment. Even though I always liked to see Troi led episodes she did have a tendency to over-act! Anyways, its still a good episode containing lots of tension, some action and a few minor to medium twists along the way. These do enough to bring the level of the story to an intresting one.

    Its a basic delivery mission with what I consider a novel angle. Deanna is kidnapped while at a conference and surgically altered to appear Romulan. Waking aboard a Romulan ship she has no choice by to join a dissent in his secret mission to deliver a cargo to Federation space.

    The layers of secrecy build up pretty well at the beginning, inviting viewers to take a setup into the story. There are several strained relationships which provide conflict; between Deanna and the ships captain and Deanna and the dissident. As tension and anxiety build up over the initial and middle acts the subplot onboard the Enterprise grows.

    A former human traitor to the Romulans returns and is debrief. He provides the link to the main part of story and has Picard take the crew to rendevous with the freighter that is designated to deliver the cargo.

    Its here were the pace of the screenplay picks up. Lots of drama, action, some combat intermingled with a few twist to raise the level of excitement.

    Overall the latter middle and final acts of this episode are worth the mildly ludicrous beginning.