Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 14

Face Of The Enemy

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1993 on CBS



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    • Troi: The Federation wishes to avoid war at all costs, so I will offer them a diplomatic solution, get (the Enterprise) to lower their shields, and then destroy them.

    • N'Vek: Even if there were, I wouldn't do it.
      Troi: Yes, you will! We're playing it my way now. I've been kidnapped, surgically altered, put in danger. I've gone along with all your plans. Now you are going to listen to me. You find a way to let the Enterprise track us or I will go to Toreth and tell her I've discovered you're a traitor. I'll have you ejected into space. Is that clear, Subcommander?

    • Toreth: That will be no guarantee that we will escape undetected.
      Troi: Your cowardice does not befit a Romulan soldier.
      Toreth: People blame the military for the wars that we are asked to fight, but I think it is your kind, Major, that will be the death of us all.

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