Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1994 on CBS

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  • "Alexander, be a warrior." "I don't want to be" "You must be." "No" Wash and repeat.

    Popular Star Trek guest star James Sloyen plays the mysterious "family friend" and "advisor" in this Worf/Alexander story reminiscent of "Yesteryear" from the Star Trek animated series. "Firstborn" begins with promise: Sloyen plays the Klingon well, and writer Rene Echevarria fleshes out some interesting Klingon rituals as the plot begins to take shape. Unfortunately, while Sloyen and Bonsall (Alexander) develop a chemistry that only becomes more intriguing as the story progresses, Sloyen and Dorn (Worf) are not a good pairing. Their characters bring out the worst in each other, and their relationship becomes tedious to watch, especially as it becomes the focal point of the episode.

    The B story, about the hunt for the Duras Sisters, includes a cameo from Quark and is mostly filler but good fun.