Not Free vs. Free w/replicators

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    Some say things are all free in the "Star Trek" universe of the 23rd and 24th centuries, and others not. I have solved it. It's so plainly obvious that both answers are correct, and here's why: If it can be made by a replicator (and I'm sure that they'll have replicators of varying sizes) it's FREE!! But if it's too big to be made by a replicator (the biggest one you own) than it's NOT FREE (unless it's something that's okay to be put together from separate parts). Civilians will NOT be allowed to use replicators for weapons and/or other dangerous items. If they try to make weapons and/or other dangerous items, or try to hack into the replicator an alarm will sound at the nearest police station. So there you have it, it all depends on the size of the item and/or how safe or dangerous it is.
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