Origin of the Borg Movie in 10 Words

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    Hello everyone.I thought it would be interesting to see a Star Trek movie showing where exactly the Borg originated from. I liked that idea lobomensch wrote in his post Next Generation in Five Words, so I thought trying to create a borg backstory using the same technique, only using 10 words. Hopefully it'll catch the eye of some creative people and we can create something unique, something the Borg might want to assimilate in their pursuit of perfection. Have fun.

    Artificial intelligence took hold of the Dracan society, it began....

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    over many millennia ago in a far distant galatic cluster...

    The only Star Trek shows I watch are TOS which doesn't have the Borg and TNG which does. I've seen some episodes of others, but do they mentioned their original name or are you making that up?
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