Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 22

Half A Life

Aired Unknown May 06, 1991 on CBS

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  • Of all the episodes to feature a very weak character, this one is probably the best.

    I'm not a fan of Lwaxana Troi, an annoying character who was played for laughs despite being deeply unfunny. And this episode's first 10 or so minutes was painful to watch because Mama Troi is as unbearable as ever.

    After that, there is a dramatic improvement. For possibly the first time in the series, Majel Barrett drops the affectation. I don't know whether it's a good acting job, but in comparison to the horror she usually perpetrated it's a dramatic improvement. The scenes between her and the scientist are quite tender and intimate.

    The scientist, though, is the star of the episode, and makes watching this one worthwhile. He is awakened to the possibilities of defying his culture's traditions, but never manages to achieve them. A nice, understated performance.
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