Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1987 on CBS

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  • Borning lame tales about Troi's cheesy flings - these are a few of my least favorite things....

    O.K..... so apparently Troi has to get married according to an arrangement done by her father.... and what makes things confusing is that Riker actually cares. Wait, what? Two episodes ago Troi was hiding her desire for a romp in the hay in a timid state and Riker was just about bursting out of his Trek spandex with anticipation for the same thing (and then just three episodes after this one, Riker almost gets it on with a female ruler)! Where did this romance come from out of the clear blue sky?

    On top of this random love story, what makes "Haven" a particularly bad episode of season one is its horrible pacing. This episode is the pinnacle of Next Generation boringness! To make the episode worse than just boring, Rob Knepper is cast as Troi's arranged husband-to-be Wyatt, giving a very weak performance, and Majel Barrett is cast as Troi's HUGELY annoying mother Lwaxana. Just about everyone ends up looking bad though - Picard looks like a fool carrying Lwaxana's luggage, Riker looks like a pouty child because Troi will be taken off the dating market (but he didn't care about such things before or after this episode), and Lwaxana easily steamrolls over the competition as the character who ends up looking like the biggest fool. One scene does feature an amusing Data - ever so intrigued by the dysfunction of the Troi family at the rehearsal dinner - and that begins and ends the positive things regarding this episode.
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