Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1987 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During the holodeck scene, Wyatt enters the chamber but the always-occurring sound of the door opening does not happen.

    • Mr. Homn bangs the gong during the dinner and a woman behind him vanishes in the next shot. Later in the scene she returns in the exact same spot.

    • When Counselor Troi and her mother share a mouth-to-mouth kiss you can see Riker trying not to smile in the background.

    • The Chameleon Rose that Troi is presented is supposed to change colors based on the holder's mood, but it never changes even though Troi is agitated with her mother when Picard carries her luggage.

    • Troi is not on the bridge as the Tarellian vessel approaches the planet, but in the next shot she appears in her chair out of nowhere.

    • Deanna calls Riker "Bill" two times - she never does it again after this episode.

    • Dr. Crusher says the Tarellians only have 20th century-level technology, but it's never explained where they got a warp ship and transporters.

    • Watch the picture in Wyatt's guest quarters. Keep an eye on the stars - you can see from that that the picture is oriented different ways in different shots.

  • Quotes

    • Mrs. Miller: Who are you to tell us what we should do?
      Lwaxana: Your ignorance is astonishing. I am Lwaxana Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the sacred chalice of Rixx, heir of the holy rings of Betazed. Who are you?

    • Lwaxana: Tell me honestly. Which one of these will look best on me naked?

    • Data: Could you please continue the "petty bickering"? I find it most intriguing.

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