Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 20

Heart Of Glory

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1988 on CBS
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Stardate: 41503.7 The Enterprise takes up the call from the Federation to investigate a battle that has taken place in the Neutral Zone. Having arrived at the location of the battle, they come across a freighter in distress. Boarding the vessel, the away team finds the only survivors: three Klingons.moreless

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  • Two renegade Klingons are brought aboard Enterprise. There they test Worf's loyalty to the Federation and Captain Picard.

    Worf takes center stage for the first time in this series. My biggest problem with the episode was that it was a little predictable. It could not have been more obvious that Worf would stay loyal to Enterprise. However seeing the story play itself out as it did makes up for that in a way. Worf's scenes with Korris and Konmel were actually quite good. As goofy as this may sound, the Klingon Death Ritual was kind of neat to see. A small, but interesting element that added to this episode's entertainment value. This review would not be complete without a mention of the scenes where we see the world from Lt. Commander LaForge's point of view. Just another element that makes this episode unique and worth seeing. One of the stroger episodes of the inaugural season. Make time to see it. You won't be disappointed.moreless
  • A trio of Klingons test Worf's loyalty to the Enterprise.

    Finally: the first Klingon episode for TNG! After more or less being an extra for the first half of the first season of TNG, Worf gets his own episode here, and Michael Dorn (Worf) makes the most of it, ensuring there would be many future Worf episodes (which would be even more effective). The episode has a slow beginning and takes a while to get going, but by the end things are pretty interesting. Too bad Ron Moore wasn't around yet to give the script a polish…

    This is one of the better first season episodes of TNG; but, of course, things would get better in the future.moreless
  • Worf in his biggest role of the series at the time - and it's great....

    Season One of Star Trek: The Next Generation is not bad but it is also not full of particularly *great* episodes. "Encounter At Farpoint," "The Last Outpost," "Datalore," and finally this episode, "Heart Of Glory," are the Season One episodes that I personally consider the best of Season One and truly great episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In "Heart Of Glory," three Klingon survivors of a possibly Romulan attack are brought on board the Enterprise. They are harmless enough at first, but then they begin to try and recruit Worf into the Klingon Empire and we learn what really happened onboard their starship.

    "Heart Of Glory" has a lot of great elements. Firstly, it is nice to see Worf with a big meaty role for once. Worf was not given a lot to do in Season One besides growl. Here in "Heart Of Glory" however, Worf battles a confliction within regarding both his heritages and Michael Dorn plays the character in top form. But the pluses do not end there: the entire episode is simply written and produced very well with excitement and good themes; the first of many appearances on Star Trek TV series, Vaughn Armstrong also gives a very good performance as the Klingon Korris; and then you have an excellent first quarter dedicated to a Riker, Worf, Data, & Geordi away team aboard the drifting and collapsing ship - the highlight of which is being to see through Geordi's visor the way that he sees. "Heart Of Glory" is one of the great Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One episodes.moreless
  • First "Worf" Episode

    This is the first episode in where we finally get to learn about and see Worf as more than just the figure that is the first to reach for his phaser or pounce to rip the enemy's head off. We get a tiny bit of insight into his thoughts a few episodes back when he explains to Wesley his fears on the holodeck, but Heart Of Glory is the place where we actually get Worf's background story as well as get to see the internal struggle he constantly wages between his Klingon and Starfleet halves. For this reason alone this episode scores above average...but we also get a very well written episode in the last half. The suspense is well played out as the two Klingon fugitives are led to the brig; there were at least two instances where I was sure they would pounce and try their escape but was wrong. The showdown in Engineering is the final highlight of this must watch first season episode.moreless
  • Not bad for a season 1 story, but still flawed -- but the ending makes up for it.

    The Enterprise discovers a badly damaged ship. Instead of taking all the time necessary to find survivors, Picard and Geordi test out Geordi's new VISOR transmitter. A nice idea, complete with fey 80s incidental music, but hardly the appropriate time TO use it.

    Of course, they find the Klingons and get aboard the Enterprise. It transpires they are renegades; the Klingons ask Worf all sorts of questions about the ship and how it works -- Worf readily answers, despite them already having discussed issues deemed treasonous. It's amazing Worf got promoted to SECURITY CHIEF given this incident!

    The 'divided loyalty' subplot ultimately fails because of this cheesy dialogue; not to mention the saccharine ending where the commander of the Klingon ship sent to capture the renegades offers Worf a tour of duty on his ship once Worf's tour of duty on the enterprise is completed. (this is before the Son of Mogh subplot that made Worf stand out as a character in later seasons.)

    Despite the cheese and lack of vision, this episode still hangs together: When the renegades break free of their cell, that's when the episode properly begins. It concludes with an excellent dénouement between Worf and the renegade leader. The camerawork for these scenes is excellent too.

    One other thing - the "Klingon death scream" was quite the novelty and is very effective. Pity it wasn't kept...moreless
Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes

Jonathan Frakes

Cmdr. William T. Riker

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner

Lt. Cmdr. Data

Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden

Dr. Beverly Crusher

Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis

Counsellor/Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi

Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby

Tasha Yar

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The momentum of the Klingon's body was sufficient to completely shatter the upper deck floor when falling from a standing position, but merely cracks the lower floor after falling several meters.

    • Despite all the talk in this episode about the alliance between the Federation and Klingon Empire, it is extremely odd that the Klingon ship would have the Federation insignia next to the Klingon one on its backdrop.

    • When the away team and the Klingons beam back from the Batris, Geordi starts moving before they have completely materialised.

    • The Klingons in this episode have teeth like humans.

    • For some reason there's a relatively fragile glass floor panel in Engineering at the base of a big high shaft. Since they have transparent aluminum, it seems absurd to use glass for floors.

    • The Klingon Korris makes reference to the Klingons' homeworld as "Kling." - "I refuse to let the traitors of Kling pick the meat from my bones." This is the first and only time the Klingon home planet is called "Kling" - it is later "officially" named Qo'noS in the sixth Star Trek movie.

    • When the Klingons escape they shoot and kill a member of the crew. Medical technology may allow him to be revived (for example, the attempted revival of Tasha Yar just a few episodes later in "Skin of Evil"). However, the security team that arrives simply leave the corpse lying in the corridor, even though they significantly outnumber the Klingons and one of them could have been spared to help transport the casualty to sickbay.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Yar: I thought we were going to have a problem.
      Worf: Oh?
      Yar: Yes! For a minute it looked as though Korris was going to take that little girl as a hostage!
      Worf:: It is not our way. Cowards take hostages. Klingons do not.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This marks the first appearance for the brig in the series. It is actually a redress of a crew quarters. In future, the brig is given its own set using a large door (redress of a cargo bay and holodeck door) with many cells in place of a single cell.

    • Footage of the K't'inga class Klingon Cruiser is taken straight from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

    • Vaughn Armstrong makes the first of many Trek series appearances in this episode. Up through Star Trek: Enterprise he would play ten other characters.

    • Worf first mentions his foster brother in this episode, though not by name. Nikolai would not be mentioned again until the seventh season episode "Homeward," where we learn a little more about Worf and Nikolai's history together.

    • Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) do not appear in this episode.