Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 20

Heart Of Glory

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 1988 on CBS

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  • Two renegade Klingons are brought aboard Enterprise. There they test Worf's loyalty to the Federation and Captain Picard.

    Worf takes center stage for the first time in this series. My biggest problem with the episode was that it was a little predictable. It could not have been more obvious that Worf would stay loyal to Enterprise. However seeing the story play itself out as it did makes up for that in a way. Worf's scenes with Korris and Konmel were actually quite good. As goofy as this may sound, the Klingon Death Ritual was kind of neat to see. A small, but interesting element that added to this episode's entertainment value. This review would not be complete without a mention of the scenes where we see the world from Lt. Commander LaForge's point of view. Just another element that makes this episode unique and worth seeing. One of the stroger episodes of the inaugural season. Make time to see it. You won't be disappointed.
  • A trio of Klingons test Worf's loyalty to the Enterprise.

    Finally: the first Klingon episode for TNG! After more or less being an extra for the first half of the first season of TNG, Worf gets his own episode here, and Michael Dorn (Worf) makes the most of it, ensuring there would be many future Worf episodes (which would be even more effective). The episode has a slow beginning and takes a while to get going, but by the end things are pretty interesting. Too bad Ron Moore wasn't around yet to give the script a polish…

    This is one of the better first season episodes of TNG; but, of course, things would get better in the future.
  • Worf in his biggest role of the series at the time - and it's great....

    Season One of Star Trek: The Next Generation is not bad but it is also not full of particularly *great* episodes. "Encounter At Farpoint," "The Last Outpost," "Datalore," and finally this episode, "Heart Of Glory," are the Season One episodes that I personally consider the best of Season One and truly great episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In "Heart Of Glory," three Klingon survivors of a possibly Romulan attack are brought on board the Enterprise. They are harmless enough at first, but then they begin to try and recruit Worf into the Klingon Empire and we learn what really happened onboard their starship.

    "Heart Of Glory" has a lot of great elements. Firstly, it is nice to see Worf with a big meaty role for once. Worf was not given a lot to do in Season One besides growl. Here in "Heart Of Glory" however, Worf battles a confliction within regarding both his heritages and Michael Dorn plays the character in top form. But the pluses do not end there: the entire episode is simply written and produced very well with excitement and good themes; the first of many appearances on Star Trek TV series, Vaughn Armstrong also gives a very good performance as the Klingon Korris; and then you have an excellent first quarter dedicated to a Riker, Worf, Data, & Geordi away team aboard the drifting and collapsing ship - the highlight of which is being to see through Geordi's visor the way that he sees. "Heart Of Glory" is one of the great Star Trek: The Next Generation Season One episodes.
  • First "Worf" Episode

    This is the first episode in where we finally get to learn about and see Worf as more than just the figure that is the first to reach for his phaser or pounce to rip the enemy's head off. We get a tiny bit of insight into his thoughts a few episodes back when he explains to Wesley his fears on the holodeck, but Heart Of Glory is the place where we actually get Worf's background story as well as get to see the internal struggle he constantly wages between his Klingon and Starfleet halves. For this reason alone this episode scores above average...but we also get a very well written episode in the last half. The suspense is well played out as the two Klingon fugitives are led to the brig; there were at least two instances where I was sure they would pounce and try their escape but was wrong. The showdown in Engineering is the final highlight of this must watch first season episode.
  • Not bad for a season 1 story, but still flawed -- but the ending makes up for it.

    The Enterprise discovers a badly damaged ship. Instead of taking all the time necessary to find survivors, Picard and Geordi test out Geordi's new VISOR transmitter. A nice idea, complete with fey 80s incidental music, but hardly the appropriate time TO use it.

    Of course, they find the Klingons and get aboard the Enterprise. It transpires they are renegades; the Klingons ask Worf all sorts of questions about the ship and how it works -- Worf readily answers, despite them already having discussed issues deemed treasonous. It's amazing Worf got promoted to SECURITY CHIEF given this incident!

    The 'divided loyalty' subplot ultimately fails because of this cheesy dialogue; not to mention the saccharine ending where the commander of the Klingon ship sent to capture the renegades offers Worf a tour of duty on his ship once Worf's tour of duty on the enterprise is completed. (this is before the Son of Mogh subplot that made Worf stand out as a character in later seasons.)

    Despite the cheese and lack of vision, this episode still hangs together: When the renegades break free of their cell, that's when the episode properly begins. It concludes with an excellent dénouement between Worf and the renegade leader. The camerawork for these scenes is excellent too.

    One other thing - the "Klingon death scream" was quite the novelty and is very effective. Pity it wasn't kept...
  • Only gets going at the end!

    Any (early) episode with Klingons should warrant an 8.0, but this episode really doesnt get going until the very end.

    The plot revolves around Klingon culture and the death knell is worth the 50mins of your time alone. The action is limited around the levels of the Enterprise, but the initial scene aboard the alien freighter is a bonus and will interest those who crave to see what the rest of the ST universe looks like.

    Worf take an unsual backseat as the real stars of this episode are the klingon survivors. He does have a great little cameo at the end when he talks to the newly arrived cruiser's commander.

    I also found the scene with the potential hostage one of great definition as even so-called Klingon criminals have a sense of honour. There are some other trait building scenes throughout as well.

    Overall a very good episode, but a missed oppotunity to have more action and an exciting episode!
  • The first Klingon episode on TNG, and among the three or four best episodes of the 1st season.

    Up until this episode, Worf was basically a TNG prop -- he was either a growling moron, a conduit for one-liners, or a participant in discussions of weird Klingon habits. But here we get some finally get some insight into the character.

    I'm not sure what makes the Klingons such an appealing alien race, but it's probably that they remind us of the more primal existence we had before becoming "civilized". As such, conflict between Klingons and the Federation is almost always a promising premise for an episode.

    The second strand that makes this episode work is another one frequently mined by TNG and DS9 -- the tension between Worf's heritage as a Klingon and his duties as a Starfleet officer.

    Though the episode starts off a little slowly, the pace really picks up once the Klingon fugitives are put into custody. Because we don't know anything about Worf, the ex-prop, we have no clue whether he will side with his people or his crewmates. The climax -- with the fugitive's dramatic death at Worf's hands -- almost made me jump out of my seat the first time I saw it.

    I don't think this episode is perfect and there are better Klingon episodes to come (especially in seasons 2-5), but this one planted the seed.
  • A solid character piece for Worf that elevates him from glorified extra to a well-rounded character with something the other characters on TNG lack: inner conflict.

    'Heart of Glory', which definitely ranks as one of the strongest efforts of the first season, puts Worf in the spotlight for the first time. Until this point, he's been little more than a glorified extra with only a handful of lines (including at least two bizarre conversations about Klingon sex).

    But we finally get some insight into just who this guy is, along with some interesting backstory. It's also our first real glimpse at the Klingon empire since the heyday of the Trek movies, showing how the Klingon empire has adjusted to peace with the Federation (or hasn't, in the case of the three renegade Klingons here).

    'Heart of Glory' isn't a perfect episode: the initial scenes aboard the freighter seem very padded (the up-link to Geordi's VISOR is interesting but quite unnecessary) and I never for a second believed that Worf would actually betray the Enterprise...not after we learned that these Klingons were renegades that had destroyed one of their own vessels. Worf's bond with the fugitives seemed quite forced and illogical, especially in light of their crimes.

    But, that said, it's a well-executed episode: well-directed, engaging and it's nice to see the writers finally learning how to meld plot with character; a lesson well-learned.
  • The away team finds Klingons aboard a Talarian vessel. The talarian vessel falls apart Lt. Tasha Yar beams the away team and the klingons aboard the "Enterprise" just in time. It turns out the klingons are fugtives and they try to hijack the "Enterprise"

    The away team finds Klingons aboard a Talarian vessel. The talarian vessel falls apart Lt. Tasha Yar beams the away team and the klingons aboard the "Enterprise" just in time. It turns out the klingons are fugtives and they try to hijack the "Enterprise" Asking Lt. Worf to join them. Lt Worf does not join them. He handles the situtation well proving he has what it take for a security position. But at this time Lt Tasha Yar is still Chief of Security. This Episode is excellent I give a Perfect 10.
  • Worf finally gets his spotlight!

    The crew of the Enterprise recues three Klingon officers from a Talarian vessel heavily damaged. The two Klingons who survived, Korris & Konmel, put Worf in a difficult situation, being torn between his people and Starfleet.

    Great episode. We get to learn more about the Klingon culture, Worf's backround about his origin (finally) and of course this is the first episode of many "Worf torn between his people and Starfleet" plots that will occur later in the series including DS9. It seems after a crap full of episodes the series has been making a turn for the better with Coming of Age, I recommend this episode.

    I give this episode 5 stars out of 5. (10 on