Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 18

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 1991 on CBS

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  • Geordi and fellow crewman begin a slow transformation into an alien being following a mission to the surface.

    Without a doubt one of my favorite TNG episodes (one of many...). Anytime you have an alien transformation, its exciting stuff. I don\'t give it the highest of marks though because of some plot holes that I thought hurt its overall storyline.

    I was confused how Geordi\'s sight returned when he turned into the alien life form. If he was missing a limb or more accurately crippled would the he regenerated the limb? I dont see how that\'s possible?!

    Additionally, why wasn\'t the Enterprise able to locate any life on the planets surface? It seems odd that just because the alien life-forms aren\'t visible to the naked eye, that the ship would be able to sense their presence (even if their body temperature drops significatly). Similarly, why wasn\'t the ships computer able to find Georgi on-board as he transformed?

    Any thoughts?

    -The Esomniac
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