Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 20

Journey's End

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1994 on CBS

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  • A decent germ of an idea buried in piles of junk. Painful to watch.

    There's an actual interesting germ of an idea here, one that is left for DS9 to explore - what happens when the Federation has to relocate its own citizens against their will, for a good reason? (DS9's "The Maquis" only tackles the aftermath of such a decision.)

    Unfortunately, that germ is utterly crushed by the other terrible things that happen in this episode. I suppose it's natural to start with Wesley. I've always felt that Wil Wheaton got a raw deal on TNG - he was a victim of poor writing. Certainly, it's tough to find fault with his two guest appearances on "The Game" and "The First Duty".

    But here, once again, the writers felt it necessary to jam him into the "unique" pigeonhole. Can't we just pretend that "Where No One Has Gone Before" (Season 1) never happened? It's tough not to wince when Wesley acts like an annoying twit, or when Beverly compares him to Mozart, or really every moment he's on the screen.

    Of course, in case that's not bad enough, we have the painfully preachy and new-agey American Indian story. And in case that wasn't bad enough, we discover that Picard is descended from a conquistador? Incredibly bad.

    I guess a good DS9 plot came out of this, but aside from that, I recommend skipping it.
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