Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 20

Journey's End

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1994 on CBS

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  • Be sure to have clean underwear on those other planes of existence!

    TNG finishes up Wesley Crusher's story and journey with this spiritual Native American relocation episode. With an outstanding guest performance from Tom Jackson (Lakanta) and a thoughtful, new age musical score from Jay Chattaway, this character driven episode includes two plot lines which are not so much A and B stories as 1 and 1A. Threading through each other, the stories have enough character development to ensure there's never a dull moment, and the ending is deliciously unpredictable.

    At the same time, "Journey's End" does move slowly, with the Wesley plot lacking direction for much of the episode, and the Picard portion (featuring a political allegory so close to its inspiration, even Picard comments on the "disturbing historical parallels") mostly comprised of diplomatic discussions that go nowhere.

    That said, the action picks up towards the end, and it's not often on television that we get to see a mother tell her son, "Now you be sure to dress warmly on those other planes of existence." Plus, it's just plain fun to see Picard chew out Wesley, and Wesley talk back.