Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 15

Lower Decks

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1994 on CBS

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  • Shows the lives of four junior officers, two of which are competing for the same position. All are involved in different parts of a critical mission, and one's life is placed in danger.

    This episode really didn’t contribute anything useful to the series. It showed the lives of four junior officers and their respective duties aboard the Enterprise. They are all involved in different, somewhat critical, roles of the same mission, but were unable to discuss it, so had no real idea what was going on. In the end, the mission itself was really not that important. The only really memorable parts to me were (1) the beginning comparison between the junior officer’s and senior officer’s poker games, and (2) the fact that Ensign Sito was in fact previously Cadet Sito, who appeared in season 5’s “The First Duty.” This was the episode in which she and four other cadets (including then Cadet Wesley Crusher) participated in a cover-up of a fellow cadet’s death (