Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 15

Lower Decks

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1994 on CBS

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  • Rather disappointing approach

    As this episode is rated at 8.8 I expected much more of it. Don't get me wrong, I liked the different view on the lower ranked crew, especially Ben in 10 Forward got my attention. The Enterprise seems much more alive and realistic as you usually don't hear much about the over 1000 people on board this ship.

    But as I watched several other episodes with good ratings lately, this is the first one where I don't agree with the high rating. In my opinion it is not comparable to the Borg or Q episodes or others like the gambit. Nothing really happens here and the ending is rather unspectacular and leaves you behind with a bad feeling. Usually you don't have such an emotional connection to people that are getting killed.

    Nevertheless I enjoyed this quite unique episode just because it is that unique.