Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 15

Lower Decks

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1994 on CBS

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  • The episode is good if you really pay attention.

    IN order to appreciate this episode, you should have:

    - seen "The First Duty" which is the first episode that Sito was involved in;

    - an appreciation for Worf's character, since this is one of select few times you see the true human side of him; and

    - a desire for the STORY part of Star Trek, which is what makes it stands out (I saw some guy talking about the "action" episodes. This isn't Star WARS.)

    The whole point of this story is not about the junior officers, it's really about the senior officers, since they are the ones who ultimately need to interact with the juniors. Ben is there as filler, and quite frankly I like him better than I like Whoopi. Sito is the star of the show, as she is given this opportunity by Captain Picard and Worf to make amends for her participation in the stunt of "The First Duty" where another cadet was killed. While Picard shows her tough love with reason, Worf takes to her as a pupil and friend, something he doesn't do often.

    The other thing about this episode is that it almost seems that Picard is using his interaction with Sito to do with her what he didn't get a chance to do with Wesley. Where the younger Crusher up and left on some spiritual journey with the Traveler, having shown no real responsibility for the cadet stunt and having never really made up for it to the captain, Sito showed genuine desire to prove that she belonged in the uniform.

    Lastly, like Miles O'Brien, there were times during the episode that you felt she was a lesser exposed character who could really have stood out in Deep Space Nine given she was Bajoran; possibly a confrontation with her and Ro Laren or something. Ogawa not only got to be on a lot of TNG episodes, she is the only one of the rookies (except Wesley, inexplicably) who got to star in the TNG movies. Vor'ak went on to Voyager and had notable episodes there.

    If all you want is stuff blowing up this episode is not for you. If you actually watch Star Trek for the stories, this was one of the better episodes.