Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 3

Man Of The People

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1992 on CBS

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  • Ambassador Vel Alkar joins the Enterprise to mediate between two warring tribes. Troi begins to act strangely and ages rapidly.

    This episode should have a warning attached, Deanna Troi Alert! She’s never looked better until she almost ages to death. Federation of Planets Ambassador Vel Alkar accompanied by his elderly mother join the Enterprise to mediate between two warring tribes. While onboard the Enterprise, Alkar’s mother dies and he turns to Deanna Troi for support and she engages in a ceremony with Alkar. Soon Troi begins to act uncharacteristically (uninhibited and sexy) as a result of her meetings with Alkar. She dresses in suggestive non uniform clothing and is cold when dealing with other crew members. Alkar’s negotiation abilities are hindered by “darker thoughts” and channels unwanted emotions or “psychic waste” into other people. Alkar’s mother was not his mother at all, but instead a young woman mentally joined to Alkar as a receptacle for his unwanted emotions and the accelerated aging a result of the negative emotional transference. Once a receptacle is dead Alkar switches his emotional dependence to another victim. Can the Enterprise crew connect Alkar and Troi's strange behavior before it’s too late? Not the most thrilling episode but a “Deanna” episode nonetheless!
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