Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 3

Man Of The People

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 1992 on CBS

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  • Good idea, but low/moderate on the intensity scale

    I loved this story, as we get to see alot of Deanna. The concept is also a good one, if light on pizazz factor!

    Lots of emotional threat hang over this episode and a little violence to. Locations are mostly on the Enterprise with a few glancing scenes on an alien planet where peace is being played for by Deanna's draining ambassador.

    A few good scenes litter this episode: The first old womans encounter with Deanna that unsettles her. Deanna's post-love in with the young junior officer as Ryker walks in. Another Ryker scene where he gets scratched by her and most of all, Deanna going for Peeky with a kitchen knife. Kitchen knife? On a starship?

    Anyway, the moderate intenisty is cranked well enough, through scenes where Deanna gets progressively older and more cranky. When she gets to the point of being so old, I actually loved the way Bevs comes up with the way to save the day. One that isnt guaranteed to succeed and puts anothers life in jeapardy. Excellent writing and conceptual wellscripted.

    However, for action-junkies this wont cut the mustard.
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