Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1993 on CBS

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  • Worf happens across a causality loop that causes him to shift through different outcomes in his life.

    Love it!!! Love it!!! I love that they were able to include an episode like this. I love to wonder what would happen if I chose to stay home from work or go to work when I stayed home. This is a “what if” episode that Worf was able to see what his life would be like in other instances if he had made other choices. It’s like the moving “Sliding Doors.” It also is fore-shadowing a possible future with Counselor Troi. I like it. I like that it gave him a different outlook on life. It’s rare when one is able to see how their life would have played out if they had just change one little course in their life-if they took the path that was less taken.
    My most favorite part is when Worf is being attacked as he is trying to seal the fissure by going through it again in the same shuttle craft as he came. He is attacked by a different quantum signature reality. Capt. Riker sees he is being attacked finds out that it is himself on a different ship-they do not want to go back because they are in a losing war to the Borg. Capt. Riker tries to disable their ship but ends up destroying it. Sad stuff.
    Anyways-LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!
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