Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 15

Power Play

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1992 on CBS

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  • Data will take you down!

    Eschewing new guest stars (and expensive sets), this budget minded episode allows Brent Spiner (Data), Colm Meany (Chief O'Brien), and Marina Sirtis (Troi) to step out of their usual roles and into new characters in this nail-biting hostage crisis story. The episode is superbly directed by David Livingston, and Sirtis, in particular, is fantastic as the leader of the trio. To keep things interesting from beginning to end, the writers wisely keep the viewer in suspense as to not only how the crew of the Enterprise will regain the ship, but who these possessing entities are and what they want. And all in all, this one is a fun, little action show.
  • A distress call is coming from a area where a federation starship disappeared. The “Enterprise” locates the distress call on a uninhabited moon. It is believe that the “USS Essex” is on the surface of the moon.

    A distress call is coming from a area where a federation starship disappeared. The “Enterprise” locates the distress call on a uninhabited moon. It is believe that the “USS Essex” is on the surface of the moon. So Picard sends a away team consisting of Riker, Troi, & Data on a shuttlecraft to the surface of the moon. The shuttlecraft crashes on the surface. Riker breaks his arm Chief O’Brien beams to the surface to rescue the away team. As he attempts to set up the pattern enhancers, they all are hit with a lighting bolt and become possessed.
  • Gripping!

    Wow - this episode had me gripped. Firstly the concept was just great. Its been done before, but the intensity of the acting by Data and Troi simply leaves no room for breath.

    Providing a slight hope of finding that these beings are the crew of a long lost starship added to the stress levels as I found myself hoping that Picard and the crew could liberate the lost souls of the USS Essex. The situation created by having Worf and Data matching up also added an extra level of conflict. It would have been good to see them battle for a brief fight, just to see Worf get aggravated even more.

    I just love the way Data can say Picard and his voice oozes distain. Even though we know that the crew is still going to win the day - the ending seemed to tail off too quickly, with a real lack of a final twist to the event. That was my only disappointment though.
  • creepy at times

    OK, first off I have to point out something that bugged me right at the start. The opening depicts a moon orbiting a planet. However, there is no way two bodies could exist that closely without their gravities pulling them into each other. I know this is nitpicking, but one of the things I LOVE about TNG is its relative scientific accuracy.

    The shuttlecraft trip to the surface is just ridiculous. It is obvious that the craft has no windshield and is just bouncing around on a gimble with fog machines around it. They've done so many perfectly fine shuttle shots. Why is this one so bad?

    Later in the turbolift, O'Brian says they've stopped at Deck 10. Once he gets the lift moving again, Worf reports they've been stopped at Deck 13. If they're going DOWN from the bridge, wouldn't this be backward?

    Other than some technical flaws, this is a great, creepy journey. It's always a little hard for me to take Deana seriously but Sirtis plays this as well as the character will allow. Spiner, as always, is SPOT ON with his acting. He has always been the most versatile and talented on the show. "Silence that child!" Seriously, you don't want to piss Data off!

    The deceptions and double deceptions in this episode are just great. The idea of ghosts taking people over is truly frightening. Having prisoner ghosts lie about being a former ship crew is just stomach churning. So is the idea of being trapped as a consciousness without form for hundreds of years.

    O'Brian hitting on Keiko and abusing her was also just creepy! All in all, I love this episode for the sheer creepiness factor.
  • Not a favorite episode of mine, but nobody could argue that it's boring.

    Not sure why I dislike this episode. It's dark, but so are other episodes that I do enjoy.

    Despite the mind control angle, this is really just another "terrorists hijack an airplane/ship" story. The Enterprise leadership attempts several gambits to regain control, and the terrorists parry those. Aside from the relatively slow introduction, the plot proceeds at a brisk pace with few if any dead spots.

    Maybe it's the "evil Data" and "evil O'Brien" that throw me off. If you don't have the same gut reaction as I do, you will like this one a lot, because it's an exciting 45 minutes.
  • the crew turn into strange creatures.

    this is one of my favourtie episodes. while captain and data are away on a mission they come back to find the crew of the enterprise all turned into creatures. trio shows signs of becomes a kind of fish. and worf is banging on trios door tring to get into her room thinking that she is his mate. the captain starts to take troys scent and runs around the ship while worf is chasing him. its up to data to find a cure to turn every one back to normal before it becomes to late. its not your common episode. its just something a little different. which makes it worth watching.