Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 24

Pre-emptive Strike

Aired Unknown May 16, 1994 on CBS

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  • The newly promoted Lt. Ro returns to the Enterprise and soon gets assigned to a mission to infiltrate the Maquis, a mission sure to test her loyalties to Starfleet and to Picard.

    As the series wraps, so do some of the show's dangling threads and one of them gives us the (fortunate) return of Ro Laren. This episode brings quite a lot to it, giving us an emotional view of her character and what become the two father figures in her life: Macias and Picard. It's probably Ro's most emotional episode ever as she is forced to choose which loyalties to follow, which man who believed in her and cared about her she should honor, and which she disappoints. Her final decision, which has a pretty obvious buildup that allows us to see the constant internal conflict she is going through, is a devastating one. Picard's blank expression at the end, containing the tempest of emotions undoubtedly raging behind it, it telling. The episode feature fantastic performances all around and is really one of the best episodes of the seventh season, a year that many thought wasn't quite up to part with the past three or four seasons. If they were all like this one, that would have not been the case.
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