Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 26

Redemption (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 1991 on CBS

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  • Worf's arc approaches a climactic conclusion in an excellent cliffhanger.

    While "Redemption" doesn't match the heights of "Best of Both Worlds", it does provide a nice conclusion to TNG's 4th season. That season was the first in which the writers really took the seriality of the show seriously - episodes were no longer purely standalone, but what happened in one could have serious implications for its successors.

    The key turning point was Worf's arc, which officially began in "Sins of the Father" (season 3) and culminated in "Redemption". The writers referenced this arc repeatedly during season 4, not just in Worf episodes like "Reunion" but also in "Family", "The Drumhead", and "The Mind's Eye". Unfortunately, this arc resolved Worf's arc pretty conclusively - which meant that most Klingon episodes for the rest of TNG's run were average at best. It was only with DS9 that these episodes became interesting again.

    As with "BoBW", a well-written plot with little or no fat allows the writers to string fans along to a shocking conclusion. Robert Reilly makes another great appearance as the creepy Gowron. I was never that enamored with the Duras sisters, who seem to be fan favorites, but they are enjoyable enough. Denise Crosby's appearance at the end of the episode is a shocker, though I think once that shock wore off in season 5 her cartoonish villain would run into the same problem that Tasha Yar did - just not that interesting.

    Recommended viewing.