Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1992 on CBS

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  • Scotty's back, and this time it's personal!

    While 1992 technology doesn't allow this episode to be as visually amazing as DS9's "Trials and Tribble-ations" (which would come in 1996), "Relics" does give Trekkers a small taste of the same sort of nostalgia, thanks to one great visual effects scene and Scotty himself. James Doohan brings his signature mix of humor and warmth to this Scotty/Geordi episode, and the intriguing concept of a Dyson's Sphere is mixed in. In an interesting juxtaposition, the "Scotty" story progresses in a somewhat predictable way while the "Dyson Sphere" is presented in a somewhat backwards (but interesting) way; viewers are introduced to the concept via one at the end of its life, rather than beginning. All in all, the episode does a nice job of blending fun with pathos.
  • Scotty's visit to TNG is decent but nothing special.

    Once you get past the nostalgia factor, this episode is unremarkable. You have a potentially interesting scifi concept that's completely wasted (the Dyson Sphere) and a visit by a fun 2nd-tier original series character that is executed in a completely predictable manner.

    I say predictable because Scotty does exactly what you would expect from a "relic" - he complains about the future, bickers with Geordi (their catfights are annoying) and gets drunk on the holodeck. The first time I saw this, I was extremely disappointed.

    That said, once you get past the disappointment at a wasted opportunity, this is not a bad episode. James Doohan is clearly having a lot of fun uttering the canned but nevertheless amusing lines fed to him by the writers. "Synthetic alcohol, synthetic commanders!"
  • It's an "okay" episode, but it comes off a bit desperate...

    Was it fun to see Scotty in the 24th century? Sure. Was it entertaining to see Jean-Luc Picard on the bridge of Kirk's Enterprise? Definitely. But this episode reeks too much of a "sweeps stunt" to be really captivating. It seems too much like an idea for an episode that came out of a corporate meeting...

    "Who can we get to guest star?" "Well, what about Shatner or Nimoy?" "Nah, we've done Nimoy and Shatner's probably expensive." "Well, who else can we get?" "We already did De Kelley in the pilot."

    "What about the others?"

    "Well, you probably won't get a lot of tune-in to find out whatever happened to Chekov or Uhura...what about Scotty?"

    "Yeah, let's get him. Someone call the writers and tell 'em to figure out a way to work Scotty into the show."

    It's worth watching, but it's not one of the jewels of the series.
  • God bless Scottie

    A sentimental journey to catch up with one of the best loved StarTrek characters. The basic plot premise is that of investigating x, something goes wrong and someone has to save the day. Its the perfect platform for a last swansong for Chief Engineer/Capt Scott.

    The use of a Dysan sphere just elevates this episode even more so.

    Locations are aboard the Enterprise, an old class starship where Scottie is found where else but a transporter buffer and outside and inside a Dysan sphere - oooh!

    A standard approach and follow through for this plot arc is made that much better for the inclusion of James Doohan. Esp. with his scenes with an uptight Jordi, makes me hope I never treat older people like that! On the other hand Picards treatment of Scottie is spot on from the pov of a trekkie like me! :)

    As Scottie boards the shuttle at the end I had a tear in my eye. Great ending to a basic story brought to life by a Star Trek great.

    Do watch this, even if its for sentimental value.
  • The return of SCOTTY! If that’s not reason enough to watch this episode, then you need to turn in your plastic Spock ears!

    The basic premise of this story revolves around the fact that the Enterprise discovers a celestial oddity known as a Dyson Sphere. A Dyson Sphere, in effect, is a planetoid-shaped metal frame built AROUND an existing star. It substitutes the star as a planetary core in order to power the entire sphere. Let that sink in for a moment, and you’ll realize how incomprehensibly ridiculous that sounds – even by Star Trek standards. Do you know how many worlds would have to be mined for mineral ore to produce a Dyson Sphere? Thousands if not millions! Star Trek has always required its fans to maintain a suspension of disbelief when it came to their technical achievements, but the notion of a Dyson Sphere is so far above and beyond the realms of feasible possibility, that I’m quite surprised the notion was even introduced into the series.

    But forget about the silly Dyson Sphere. That’s not what this episode is about. This episode is about the return of Starfleet’s most famous Chief Engineer, Montgomery Scott! Trapped in the pattern buffer of a transporter for over 75 years, Scotty returns to find a new century, a new Enterprise and a new crew. And even though he’s three quarters of a century behind the times, his genius is still sharp enough to even give Geordi LaForge a run for his money. There are some great moments where we find Scotty visibly bristling over the concept of a Klingon officer; his disgust at the blasphemy of serving synthetic alcohol in the ship’s lounge; the perplexity at finding a sentient android holding an officer’s rank, and naturally, the energetic team-up between the two most accomplished engineers in all of Starfleet.

    This was an episode for the “fans”, and as such, remains a beloved staple in the mythology of Star Trek.
  • Scotty's appearnce on TNG

    The Next Generation crew find the wreckage of an old ship, and a survivor in stuck in the transporter, Montgomery "Scotty" Scott himself! Geordi takes him onto the Enterprise, but Scotty has a difficult time adjusting to how things have changed within the 75 years he was trapped in the transporter. He and Geordi beam bac down tot he wreckage of the ship Scotty was trapped on and get it working, just as the Enterprise gets trapped in a Dyson Sphere. Scotty and Geordi pilot the ship into the Dyson Shere and rescue the Enterprise. They then give Scotty a ship for himself.
  • The “Enterprise” encounters a gravitational force known as a Dyson Sphere. The crew soon learns a federation ship known as the “Jenolen”. Am away team is beamed aboard the “Jenolen”.

    The “Enterprise” encounters a gravitational force known as a Dyson Sphere. The crew soon learns a federation ship known as the “Jenolen”. Am away team is beamed aboard the “Jenolen”. When the away team arrives they find life support is barely operating and no crewmembers alive. There is two patterns locked in the transporter. They beam the patterns back aboard the “Jenolen”. Only one materializes and we find it is “Scotty”. He is shocked to find he has been stuck in the transporter for 75 years. He tries teaching Geordi a few old tricks.
  • An old officer from the original Star Trek series is thrust into the New Generations life and technology-and he is feeling a little out of place.

    How could you not like this episode!!! It brings back Scotty!!! He’s an original!!!! I love whenever a show that has a spin-off remembers where it comes from. I loved it when Spock was on also. And they started the series off with Bones!!!
    Anyways, Scotty is brought back from being suspended in the transporter when the Enterprise 1701-D happens across a sphere (Discen’s Sphere??). Scotty’s ship was trying to escape the gravitational pull of the sphere that it ends up crashing.
    When they get him out, he is in a world unlike his own. He is in the future that he had fought so hard to establish and he is feeling a bit out of place. He was too old to learn a new trade-but too young to do nothing (especially on an Enterprise). Scotty seems to get in the way of LaForge and the only one to give him a shoulder to lean on is Picard. He understands what he going through and tries in his way to help.
    This episode is great because it shows that just because a person is old doesn’t mean they are useless.
  • This was an excellent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You find out what happened to Scotty and he as to adjust to being years in to the future.

    This was an excellent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. You find out what happened to Scotty and he as to adjust to being years in to the future.

    The story line of the episode was ok, but the writing of the script to include Scotty was excellent and he had some great lines. This is really a memorable episode.