Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1990 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Gowron is testing to make sure K'mpec is dead, K'mpec's left arm flinches right before he is touched. He is also very visibly breathing the entire time.

    • As Crusher looks at a scan of a Klingon arm on a desktop computer console, the shot of the console (but not the image on the screen) is flipped from left to right, placing the black highlight details on the opposite side to where they usually appear.

    • Trivia: In Worf's quarters, on the table at which he tosses his combadge before he transports to Duras' ship, there is an interesting weapon displayed. It looks like the ones used in "Code of Honor" during the fight for the position of First One. Perhaps Tasha kept the one she used and it passed to Worf when she died.

    • Gowron tried to bribe K'Ehleyr with a position on the Council. Later, in "Redemption," he says that Lursa and Betor can't possibly be trying to get on the Council because women are not allowed to serve in that capacity. There is also a female member of the council shown in "Sins of the Father" during the scene at the end when the council members turn their backs to Worf.

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