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  • A continuation of the original series, the next generation title sums it up really, more adventures and space exploration with new alien races, conflicts to sort out and they get to save numerous galactic species.

    We meet a variety of races, that may or may not actually represent different aspects of the human psyche, the warrior aspects could be portrayed in the Klingons, the greed could be shown by all Ferengi, the emotional aspects could be found by the Betazoids. But irrespective of the race, creed or galactic standing, they are shown, encountered and befriended by the crew of Star Trek Enterprise and led by the gallant Capt. Picard.

    Obviously, the newer version of the Enterprise, compared to Kirk's has a better warp drive, better technology, better trained staff and crew, but it still allows them to travel around the galaxies befriending new species in the name of space exploration.
  • An expansion of the "Star Trek" universe, with a new crew aboard the Enterprise.

    This is my all-time favorite of the "Star Trek" series. We get a cerebral, commanding but fallible captain in Picard. We also get delightful interplay among the crew, just as in the original series. Some of the best concepts of the Trek universe were introduced here, including the mischevious, omnipotent Q and the implacable, all-consuming Borg collective. "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Best of Both Worlds" are just two examples of the fine storytelling the series has to offer. Of course, as with any series, not every episode is great, but there is never an instance where an episode fails to entertain. In life, sadly, it sometimes seems more likely that humankind will develop faster-than-light travel than it will come to form the kind of cohesive, accepting society seen in the Trek universe. I guess that's why I find this series' hopeful vision of what we become so compelling.
  • An inspirational and classic show that will stand the test of time, the last great Gene masterpiece.

    Star Trek The Next Generation is probably the most related to sci-fi show to all generations since its creation in the late 80's. Some people may have not seen EVERY episode and some may not know EVERY characters name but I'll put my money on someone being unable to see patrick stewarts face and say, 'thats the bald one from star trek', or recognising La Forge's visor. To me, this shows the characteristics of a classic show that WILL stand the test of time, its ability to effect people everywhere no matter how little makes it a most inspirational piece of work. The Next Generations success is its writing. It's stories are vast, complex and entertaining even for someone who does not watch sci-fi. This ability to create genuine, thrilling plots week in week out has kept Star Trek alive, a characteristic which sadly has not been shared by later spin-off's. Characters are deep and involved in every storyline and develop realistically through all seven seasons. Another reason for its success has been its set design and speacil effects which were way ahead of its time and captivated a large audience from the start. However the reason, in my opinion this show does not achieve a 10/10 as I do believe it deserves is its first 2 seasons. Its real downfall, its slow start and rigid characters and downright cheesyness beyond belief. Despite this minor downfall Next Generation is a amazing show that can be watched countless times. Each episode has moral implications and messages which really gives the show subsitance, a element which alot of shows now days seem to lack. Maybe this is because it was the last Trek show touched by Gene's dream before it was touched by paramounts money grabbers. Next Gen will live on and on and has laid a legacy in Television which will never be disturbed or replaced.
  • This is probably to me the Greatest show ever!!!

    Star Trek the Next Generation, well, what I can say about this show would certainly take up more space than allotted. In short however, take the Star Trek genre and give it more flair of real life issues than the original. Yes, the original did that to an extent, but there is something about STTNG. I Always come away from a STTNG show with something endearing, something to think about. I know it sounds somewhat corny for a Sci-Fi show but, within all the action and entertainment, is woven a story revealing some aspect of the human condition. It's just a great show overall!!
  • Reset the whole Star Trek Franchise.

    When it first aired Star Trek the Next Generation sure seemed like a radical departure from the original. But it soon grew into it's own as a series. And then it set the mode for all the following Star Trek Series (Deep Space Nine, and Voyager) Then Next Generation specialized in stand alone pure sci-fi episodes, with very few ongoing story lines or seasonal arcs. This makes it easy to jump in and understand, and enjoy almost any episode at any time. However that does come at the expence of character development. Within the series (not movies) relitively little changed in the personal relationships. However the show was fantastic sci-fi, and set the look and tone for two other series lasting 7 years each. So it did something right.
  • meet the new crew of star trek the next generation. one of my favourite crew in the star trek stories.

    when it first aired on our screens i thought well, this show is so diffrent from the other star trek. new crew, much better ship than the first enterprise and i loved the storie lines. i fell in love with captain picard. what made he stand out the most from any other captain is the he cares for his crew and his ship. when he lost tasha in skin of evil. you could tell how much she meant to him. each week you got to be there with them as they explore the qalaxy and meeting new races. and new adventages.
  • 7 Seasons of entertaining science-fiction.

    The first expansion on the Star Trek universe, The Next Generation series can almost be considered as much a classic as the original series. Filmed at a time when there weren't many televised science fiction shows, this series definitely set a trend in its day. Although the show had many directors, the directing and acting almost felt amateurish during most of the first season but eventually the pacing improved, the show matured and polished into its distinct and endearing style as the cast and crew undoubtedly familiarised themselves with each other and their roles. There was also an evolution with the quality of set production and more notably with post production as there were tremendous advancements in digital special effects that occured during the 7 years the show was produced, such as much cleaner keying and blue screen shots during the later seasons. The quality of the writing and subject matter varied from fair to excellent with only very few disappointments. Roddenberry's vision of a utopic society where there is no greed, famine and very little disease while mankind explores the stars with miraculous technological advancements is an interesting canvas for stories which touch on the human morals of an advanced society and its interaction with alien species and strange otherworldly phenomena.
  • Star Trek: TNG, the final frontier, this show has captured my imagination and I am going to strive to make it a reality.

    Star Trek has really captured me, as soon as I saw the star ships and all their wonderful contraptions the first thing I said to myself was "I'm going to make that happen one day". Star Trek is an inspirational show which has captured the hearts of millions of viewers, with its epic space battles and constant adventures it keeps the viewer guessing what is going to come next. Its rosy plot line is what makes it such a popular show; it depicts a future where Earth is in total harmony and as they call it 'Haven'. I believe one day this may actually become a reality and I want to be there to see it happen so I'm getting an early start on the 'Warp Drive' so we can seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before........
  • Better than all of the of the other versions of Star Trek. Best episodes starting with season 1 through season 7. Or in other words, all of them.

    Star Trek has had its ups and downs, but this is one of its ups. I own all of the episodes, and watched almost all of them. Never think that I think that the other versions are stupid. By all means all the other versions are awesome. I just think highest of The Next Generation. The cast has original characters, including Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), and personalities for the job. The object of attention to the captain is obvious: save the ship and the crew. He would sacrifice his life for his crew. The Enterprise has been through countless generations of admiration, including The Next Generation. I highly praise this TV show as a collectable series, and a Classic watch-over.
  • Although sprinkled with gems throughout it\'s run, ST:TNG was uneven in it\'s quality. All in all, a disappointment.

    ST:TNG lacked the spirit of The Original Series (TOS), the expectation of something absolutely new and wonderful every week. Unlike TOS, the writing was mostly mediocre at best and, to make matters worse, the techno-babble tended to wander into center stage instead of remaining in the background. Curiously, the best episodes were those that downplayed technology and concentrated on conflict between characters.

    And characterization was a problem as well. Picard was an unlovable lump, a company man, unlike the volatile Kirk. Yes, Picard protested to his brother against how Star Fleet made him kill, but - like a good Star Fleet robot - he returns to duty, an unloving and unlovable man. Now, Kirk was a commander of passion, wonderously violating the sturgid prime directive whenever he saw its aburdity to a given situation; Picard, however, followed it to the letter, regardless of the outcome. Kirk was also a shameless womanizer, bedding good-looking ensigns and aliens almost every episode - for the good of intersteller relations, of course; Picard had hang-ups in this area, preferring to play his flute or read a classic book to knowing a stunning babe - and he's a frenchman, yet! Riker, as first officer, is another unlikable; a martinet and a self-absorbed chauvinist - no hang-ups for him, bring on the babes! Lets not forget Wesley, a unecessary brat-character, thrown in by the producers only as a sop to younger viewers, who ruined more episodes than helped. And Data, the robot who tries to understand humans and become human, but can't; what is the purpose of a character not being able to accomplish that which cannot be done? (Can a toaster become a horse?). LaForge, the blind chief engineer, is another sop to the handicapped - er, physically challenged - and African-American communities (two birds with one stone!).

    The theme of the show was weak. "Where no one has gone before" turned out more often than not as "where everyone has gone before." Rarely did the Enterprise leave known space; it uaually took a smart-ass alien to push them to the limits -- and Picard, the bore that he is, decidedly did not like it. This is why Star Trek: Voyager is more true to the original; Voyager is forced by circumstance to explore the unknown, not be a taxi for Star Fleet bureaucrats, diplomats, emotionally-dead scientists, and inquisitive aliens.
  • Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise. It's continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where noone has gone before.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a wonderful, and timeless show. Even now twenty years later I still find myself enjoying the episodes. This show does a wonderful job of creating the future, while still relating to the people of the time. Star Trek: The Next Generation has all the action, drama, and character development you could ask for in any show. Noone could expect that an essential remake of a show could be as popular, if not more popular than the original. I would recomend this show to any fan of science fiction, or any fan of Star Trek in any form.
  • This show was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. It was, I have to admit rather cheesy, not that that's bad though. It was part of what made the show what it was, a classic - one that fans will remember and cherish and watch with their kids.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation, was a show that was ahead of it's time with it's interesting plotlines, good acting, and good special effects. Sure, some of the episodes are rather dated, but still they're fun to watch even though some years have past since the last time the show aired originally.

    I still get a kick whenever a re-run of it shows on tv. I try and take the time to watch it, due to the good actors and actresses that were a part of the cast. I liked the chemistry that they had, along with the humor that was there as well. Personally, I don't mind a good cheesy tv show myself, just as long as it wasn't too cheesy. Star Trek: TNG usually never crossed that line very often, and when it did, they didn't go too overboard with it.

    My favorite episode was the last one that was aired: "Tapestry" (if I remember correctly). The last scene in that episode was especially poignant, where Captain Picard finally got to play a game of poker with his crew. I know that it's rather cheesy and sentimental, but it was a good ending to a good series.

    Shows have come and gone since this show was on the air, and none of them have been as fun to watch as this one was. It was and still is a classic in my eyes.
  • TNG was both safe and dull ST and enjoyable and well produced ST.

    I became a Trekkie just last year and this was the first ST i chose to buy on DVD. I remembered enjoying it as a kid and it brought back some fond memories indeed. Unfortunatly i had to get through the mostly garbage first two seasons before i saw gold. TNG had one of the worst growing periods for a TV ever. Its best to avoid those and start with the amazing third season. That set the standard for ST and became even better than TOS. For the next four years TNG was king. They rightfully ended the show with its seventh season just when signs of fatigue were showing. What can be said about TNG is that it had lovable characters, great stories to tell and set the mark for its format. But on the other hand the characters weren't fleshed out properly (apart from Picard, Worf and Data) and were mostly dull, the stories rarely pushed the envelope and once it found its formula it never dared do anything different. Both these positive and negative critisms are true. TNG was a great show, flawed, but great. If you happen to catch a good episode of it then your in for a real treat.
  • Best Trek ever thus far.

    The original Star Trek with Shatner, Nimoy, etc. is an awesome series considering the time frame of the original series and some very cutting edge FX and tackling of social issues relevant for it's time. (1965-67)

    But TNG brought so much more to the Trek series line. The show has retained a freshness that thus far still gives the show a timeless feel to it. The FX still look incredible, the shows characters have much more depth to them and a lot of episodes deal with social issues that are relevant to humanity in the past, present and quite possibly the future as well. The movies that the program inspired are also among the best films of the big screen Trek releases.

    A lot of the science of the show is based on theoretical possibilities as well. The writers did their homework and there are a number of books that explain the science of TNG in further detail.

    A classic series for the serious or casual Trek/Sci Fi fan. I truly miss this show a great deal. It excels in ways I could elaborate on with many more words. This is truly GREAT television.
  • So sad to see this gone...(15 years too late)

    I loved TNG from day one. It was a part of my mother's "family time". My sister, My mother and I would watch TNG every week. It was good clean excitement. The world of Startrek is one future that can only come about if all the good in the world triumphs, and sitting there with my family it was something I wanted so badly to come true. The Actors became these people over the seasons, and the stories they told were so expertly interwoven that no episode is truly independent.
    Gene Roddenberry is a god among men with a creative vision that is unmatched anywhere in history.
  • The next logical step.

    Star Trek wit better actors and special effects. That's The Next Generation in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong but Patrick Stewart can act rings around Bill Shatner (who didn't really hit his acting stride till Boston Legal) and their is a reason you haven't seen Leonard Nemoy except on the Simpsons and Futurama. I love Bill and Leonard but they aren't the best actors in the world.

    The special effects are what clinched TNG for me. Space Flights that looked real, Klingons that looked like aleins instead of Mongolians with an over exagerated brow, ect. ect..

    It's been said before but I believe that TNG is much closer to Gene Roddenberry's vision.
  • My favorite show ever! It represents Gene Roddenberry's true vision of how the future should be.

    It gives hope for the future. That someday we will have peace among all nations on Earth with no poverty, no one without a career, and everyone working to better themselves, and in turn better the human race. No money to cause greed or jealosy. Just the want to be more than we are. It has had a huge impact on the technology world. Creating the ideas that the inventors of this generation took and ran with. Like mp3 players and laser surgery. There is so much more that was inspired by Star Trek. I could go on forever but I won't. It is the reason that I get up in the morning, hoping someday the world will realize that before we go exploring new worlds we have to be together on our own world.
  • Loved it growing up :), was the 1st Star Trek series I saw. Characters and the actors who played them were brilliant

    It's true that the fans of the original series may think it doesn't match up, but to me (to whom it was the 1st Star Trek series I saw) it was beyond brilliant. It was the series that made me dream about space and the future :)

    The story line was pretty interesting, but for me it was the characters that did it. What was good was that the actors all suited the parts pretty well and that was a major plus point.

    To me Patrick Stewart (who to me was one of the major reasons for the series being as good as it was) was simply Captain Jean-Luc Picard, till the X-Men movie came out.
  • Don't get me wrong, I love The Next Generation but...

    I liked the The Next Generation. There were definitely some wonderfully done episodes ans wonderful quotes and very three dimensional characters that I cared about...

    but it was unoriginal.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation... exploring the same space, meeting the same aliens, having the similar personalities, doing the same things... I love Star Trek, and this show is certainly interesting, but it will never be my favorite Trek series because it wasn't unique. I never felt anything for minor charactors except for maybe in the episode "Lower Decks". I never felt that the "bad guys" could possible right, and the Enterprise crew were the ones wrong, It was never particularly thought provoking, and it never made me cry.

    I don't understand why people seem to love it so much... I mean, yes it's a very interesting show, but originality really means a lot to me.
  • Make It So!!!

    If there was any place in time i would rather be than here and now it would be aboard the Starship Enterprise C,D or E i'm not bothered LOL. I think that if the characters were real, i would quite gladly leave my life now and go with them. I like the idea of the whole world living in harmony, not that i'm part of the GodSquad or anything, but isnt that waht we all really want? Anyway just for the chance to meet Captain Jean Luc Picard and have him stand up straighten his jacket and congratulate me on my transfer to the Enterprise (read it in his voice it will sound better). All i can say is.........make it so!
  • one of the greatest shows ever aired!

    I first saw this on tv a year ago. It was the episode "the naked now". A few weeks later i bought the entire series. i couldn't stop watching it for weeks. this series is a great exsample of how a sci-fi series should be. It has drama, action, romance and comedy. in one word it has everything. the characters all unique so they aren't like any other tv show characters you have ever seen. they are about ten times greater. this is a list of the my two favourite characters.

    1. Captain Jean-Luc Picard. the captain is from france on earth and allways wanted to be a star ship captain. he enjoys shakespere and arceology.

    2. Commander William T. Riker the commander is from Alaska on earth and enjoys jazz. he is also quite a ladies man and spends most of his vacations on Risa.

    hoped you liked reading this!
  • At first, fans were afraid of a replacement of the original cast, but the fears faded quickly...

    Star Trek: The Next Generation proved that it is at least as good as its predecessor. There was symbolism in this series, but the symbolism was not the central role of the story like it was in the original. But, that doesn't matter because it is still great drama/sci-fi. The Next Generation not only offered great new villians and new alien species, but it had probably more fan favorite characters that the original series. Of course, that is easy to do since the cast is bigger, but Data and Picard are as loved as much as Kirk or Spock. That takes some great acting and writing to be able to make a sequel series as good as the originals who are now icons, and TNG did that very well.
  • The USS Enterprise the flag ship of the Federation it's continuing mission to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilisation. But it is also designed to warn races of the power of the United Federation Of Planets.

    I personally think that Star trek the next generation should be brought back to our screen. Patrick Stewart is a wonderful captian and deserves to be put back there. He not only is good a a leader but is great as a friend and he should be proud of the way he played Jean-Luke Picard. He not only influenced my life and the way i look at other people but im sure he influeced alot more lives around the globe. It would be brilliant if he was to star in any more upcoming star trek series and/or movies. Such a brilliant show and a Brilliant man to be in command of such a powerful and memorable starship.
  • A dissappointment for me after The Original Series, but it had a few excellent episode.

    I must say, there are a few excellent episodes (my fav is 5/25-Inner Light, a masterpiece indeed) there are too many filler episodes.
    A bad-CGI alien flies around the ship...boring..Geordi installs a new warp-thingy..boring..Picard is a good diplomat...
    Where are the new worlds? To boldly go..on a routine mission...I don't get it...
    Then the "funny" episodes.. The Q eps are ok, but those about Troi's mother..garbage.

    Now to the good part: Borg, time travel, Data, Worf, holo-deck..and so on... I'd say 1/4 of the episodes are truly fantastic, I really enjoyed that part very much, so I didn't regret watching the whole series.
  • The show chronicles the experiences of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew.

    Star Trek the Next Generation was one of the last shows I watched on a weekly basis. Yes, I was only 14 or so, but I really looked forward to seeing it. Every episode brought a new type of problem and solution. Although many episodes dealt with time shifts and the consequences of changing something in the past, the content of the episode as a whole kept it fresh. Here are some of my favorites as I remember them. I don't know specifically which season, but I'm sure they could be easily found. There was an episode where an away team explores what turns out to be a revolving door which brings them into a early 20th century casino. Upon entering, they cannot leave. If I remember correctly, the must solve a mystery before exiting. There was an episode in which Captain Picard lives an entire lifetime inside a mysterious space probe. Another episode I enjoyed is when the enterprise kept being destroyed by another ship which appeared suddenly out of nowhere, a rift in time or something. Each explosion returned the crew back to the same point. Remnants of their experiences were detected in mysterious ways. Finally, the two episodes where Captain Picard is abducted and assimilated by the Borg are classics. Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to see the series finale entirely.

    Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone with an open mind.
  • This was Star Trek at it's finest!

    Now some may disagree that this series was the best, and I say that you have that right. I grew up watching re-runs of the original. I also made sure that I watched every one of the animated series, and the Star Trek movies. Anytime that Star Trek was on, I was there. Having said that, when Star Trek: TNG came out, I was addicted from the first show. To me, this was the best series that the franchise put out. I hate it that the show didn't do well in the movies, but I believe that the writers at that time are to blame. Also, do not think that I do not like the other series, because I do. I just think this was the best put out as of today.
  • TNG is the series that kickstarted a stalled franchise on the TV side after the original cast did several movies.

    I rate this a very close 2nd best of the series. The series had a rocky start with a pretty bad first season, then once the Borg entered the picture it took off like a rocket. Though the finale was superb the final season left something to be desired and it was clear it was running out of gas and ended just in time. These ratings are all subjective anway. I enjoyed all the series except for the obvious exception below.

    Picard is a close 2nd as far as Captain go only because he was French and sometimes a bit too introspective lacking that edge Sisko had. 9.6 DS 9
    9.5 TNG
    9.1 Voyager
    9.0 Original series
    8.8 Enterprise
    4.0 Animated Series

    Captain rankings:

    Other than the Borg episodes, one of my favorites as Yesterdays Enterprise with alternate timeline which later showed up with daughter of Tasha Yar appearing as a Romulan commander. That one seemed more like a DS9 episode, which is probably why its one of my favorites. I also thought the one where Picard met a future version of himself was clever and well done.

    TNG was also the launching pad for DS9 and Voyager and its influences can be seen in both those series since TNG basically modernized the Trek universe. The pre TNG movies did to a limited extent but it was still grounded in the past of the original cast. Though the TOS movies were generally stronger than the TNG movies (the only superb one was First Contact).
  • A group who sets out "To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new know the rest.

    Star Trek: The Original Series (STTOS) grew in popularity only after falling into syndication. This demanded a sequel to be produced and Gene Roddenburry accepted this cry and created Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG). This show was, in my opinion, far superior STTOS. Not only was technology better, the characters, the acting and the overall presentation was better.

    What STTNG had going for it was a better sense of what they wanted to do (and could do). What I found particularly refreshing about Star Trek is that not every new race or episode was aggressive. All too often in Sci-fi, writers decide not to think when creating an antagonist. Star Trek, on the other hand had this in mind and was able to create new characters who last in the minds of all Sci-fi fans to this day: Q, the Borg, and the Romulans.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation was far superior to its younger brother.
  • This has to be my favourite out of all the Star Trek series and it is thanks to its great cast and writers for giving us such great episodes to watch. It was truly ahead of its time.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favourite one out of all the Star Trek series because of its great characters, adventures and drama. Some people think that Star Trek is all about the futuristic technology and science, but that is not true for me. It has great drama and in every episode it doesn't fail to capture the audience and keep us there wanting more. The idealistic view of the future might look bleak now but it gave the show a great base to build on and gives me hope that one day we might actually be able to live in relative peace. I believe that its actors set it appart from the other Star Trek series because they make the show and keep the characters alive and unique with their strange ways and funny quirks. I truly believe that Star Trek: TNG is one of the best shows of all time and hope that people don't get put off by the stereotyping and watch the show.
  • Star trek the next generation is my favorite series in the star trek world. I like the original series to but this show is my favorite. on a scale of 1 to 10000000000000 I rate this show 10000000000000. I like Data and Picard the best.

    This is the best star trek series of the late 1980's. I know of a web site this you can get star trek uniforms you can get the original series,the next generation, first contact,star trek voyager,etc. So the website is Now please do not report me I'm begging you.
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