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  • This was truly one of the best Star Trek series to come out next to DS9.

    Every since I saw the first episode of The Next Generation I have loved it, the acting, story lines and special effects kept me entertained and as the years went on it got even better. Patrick Stewart is superb as Jean-Luc Picard and is one of my favourite characters to date. Brent Spiner always was brilliant at portraying Data and was perfectly cast giving just enough humanity to the role without being too human. The rest of the actors are also great as supporting cast if not as prominent as Picard and Data.
    DS9 is still my favourite with Sisko my favourite capt but Jean-Luc and ST-TNG is a close 2nd.
  • The long-awaited return of a live action Star Trek series to prime time. Re-dressed and updated, it keeps to the original premise, to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no man... no one has gone before.

    After several fits and starts during the 70s with Star Trek: Phase II, and with the successful resurgence and popularity of science-fiction as entertainment thanks to films like Logan's Run, Star Wars, Blade Runner. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, and Alien, as well as television space operas like Battlestar Galactica, Space:1999, and V, and even comedies like Mork and Mindy and Alf, Paramount, owner of the property, finally dusted off the franchise. Following 3 moderately successful films and one blockbuster film (Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home), Paramount decided to give television a try once more. Recalling the nightmare of networks from his past, Roddenberry insisted that the show be syndicated or he would not participate. And so it came to be.... Slowly at first, but like a roaring train by the 6th season, a new Star Trek - Star Trek:The Next Generation, beamed into households across America in September of 1987 to much fanfare and trepidation.

    With a different take on space and future humanity's role in it (compared to everything else out there), it set a \"positive\" tone that has yet to be repeated and that causes much consternation among younger fans who wanted something darker. The creators felt they had to go this route in order to dampen the comparisons to their earlier show that created icons of its own. But despite the near polar opposite look and feel, the comparisons came anyway, with debates about who was better, Kirk or Picard, endlessly peppering the fan media, eventuallly making it to the internet via USENET and early ISP forums, and finally hitting the web when that format launched as the show had completed its run. It was not until after 2 later series debuted (Deep Space Nine and Voyager), when the silly debates began to die down as new Captains came to the fore.

    In any case, the show had a likable ensemble of characters featuring a Klingon to denote how far humanity had come since the days of Kirk and the Klingon enemy, and also featuring an android named Data, who made Brent Spiner the breakout character of the show. The Romulans, little covered in the original series, would become the nemesis of this new crew. Although the stories provided the usual drama and wonder about the universe, the setting reflected the era the late-1980s - mid-1990s, with its supposed good times, and continual emphasis that humanity would have risen above its horrid past and embraced peace and prosperity.

    The earlier seasons were somewhat uneven. But as the 4th season dawned with the resolution of a historic cliff-hanger (Best of Both Worlds), it finally got its stride, and by the 6th season, had gotten its 2nd wind. And the show would eventually reach a ratings milestone as the #1 syndicated show, topping permanent fixtures Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (with numbers that even surpassed the normal #1 rated network show for its primary airing day - Monday Night Football, during the 1991 November sweeps).

    Sadly, it was during that same record-breaking month that featured the release of original series swan song film "Star Trek VI:The Undiscovered Country and original and new series crossovers (Leonard Nimoy guest-starring on TNG and Michael Dorn in TUC) , when Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, would die.

    Overall, the show would go on to win the most awards of any Star Trek show before or since, and would solidify the franchise in the popular culture with a new set of cultural icons (including the Borg). It would lead to 3 more series and contribute to the reborn franchise\'s additional 17 years on the air, to reach a total of 24 years on-air, 735 episodes from 6 series, and 10 films that take place in that fictional universe.
  • the best prog ever

    absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!absolutly awesome, should still be on!
  • Happy childhood memories!

    Has it been so long already? I remember the first time I saw star trek: TNG, I was glued to the tv every time they sent a new episode, or old episode for that matter. After I watched the first season I thought that was it... Imagine my reaction when a friend of mine told me that there were more seasons being made :) It would be great to see new episodes, but we all know that will never happen, so how about a compromise Paramount? Bring us the old episodes with updated special effects! You're doing it for TOS for god's sake :D

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is the best Star Trek series it takes the original show had expands on it and takes Star Trek to the next level to the best Sci-Fi show ever made all the characters are great apart from Wesley but every character is interesting and changes from beginning to end I would have liked a 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 season of The Next Generation then the rubbish that was Voyager, I just hope some time in the future a new Star Trek series comes along and achieves half of what The Next Generation did.
  • Hip astronauts and aliens

    I am not a huge sci fi fan. I can't speak in Klingon and I don't claim to know the names of all the alien life forms that drop in on the Enterprise for a visit. What I do know is that by sci fi standards, TNG is one of the best shows of its kind. What Michael Jordan is to basketball: Star Trek (the franchise) is to sci fi. No wonder there are so many trekkies in the world.
  • A sequel that is just as good as the original

    Star trek: the next generation is just as good if not better then the original. With clever and intereting plot twists it picks up where Jim kirk and the boys left off. since I was less then 10 years old when the show was cancelled i couldnt fully appreciate it till reruns but it didnt take me long to realize that this show is one of the best in TV history and that I shouldnt be left out due to my age. If you like star trek the original series just a little bit you have to give this show a chance it will not let you down.
  • To boldly go...

    ST:TNG was a great show; it lasted seven seasons and while its beginning was a little rocky, it got better with every season and won a place in viewers' hearts.

    The first season rehashed a lot of plots from the original Star Trek series, and even though 20 years had passed, and technology had increased in that time, they didn't always do them better. The second season saw Dr. Crusher being replaced by Dr. Polaski, inexplicably, but then in the third season, all was right in the TNG world again; the crew was back together, Dr. Crusher back in sick bay, and the series really took off. TNG used some devices from the original series, like the all-powerful alien (Q), but kept him around to liven things up. They expanded the Star Trek universe, and had some truly wonderful stories. The Borg, in particular, were a formidable enemy, and it was heartbreaking when Captain Picard was captured.

    This was more than just a rehashing of the original by the end of things; it was a show in its own right, and a good one at that!
  • The best Star Trek Ever!!!!

    Ok you say to me that the Star Trek boom started with the first series. Well to disipoint you, it didn't. It all started with the 2nd series The Next Genration, TNG for short. TNG had a rich cast of people. Picard, the captian is more of a "let's talk this out" kind of guy. Data, the OPS manger is well a Android ,that's pretty much it about Data. La Forge the chief Engginer for the ship. Riker Or "Number One" it the ship's commander and first mate. DR. Crusher has a thing for Picard and is a very good docter. Troi is the Ships shrink. she is half Betazed and can read people's mind. the setting is very Anti-war with mor politics that action but there is a good blance between the two.
  • Greatest Sci-Fi series of its time

    People that watch science fiction seem to forget that Star Trek: The Next Generation was filmed from 1987 to 1994, and that it accomplished the breakthrough technical wizardry we now see in other sci-fi movies and television shows.

    It was Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG) that accomplished the "orange screen", reducing by 2/3 the cost of shooting space sequences. It was STTNG that finally allowed for a very advanced and yet BELIEVABLE "evolved" human behavior involved in space travel.

    I admired Captain Jean-Luc Picard for his reserved Brit style, and the tension between him and Dr. Beverly Crusher. Who did not like watching Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Geordi LaForge spar over human behavior? What about the short brilliant life of Lieutenant Natasha Yar? Who didn't tune in to see that? Commander William Riker was amazing to watch, as he grew a beard and a conscience -- while still being able to keep up with the great Lieutenant Worf, the only Klingon (as yet) in Star Fleet!?

    Those of you out there trying still to wage the Star Wars - Star Trek battle for supremacy -- grow up! They are both inspiring stories in different universes.
  • this sci fi drama follows the journey of the Enterprise.

    I really like this set of series. It stands on its own within the Star Trek universe. It expands the world created in the original 60s show. The Next Generation shows a world that takes place a century right after the original,it is funny, this one is a new take on that franchise. It may never be as good as the original, but it provides an adventurous storytelling that made Captain Kirk and Spock classic icons. its still as good as any trek show there is out there. I definitely recommend it.
  • Stepping in the footsteps of Capt. Kirk, this sci fi drama follows the journey of the Enterprise - D and is set in the 24th century.

    It stands on its own within the realm of the Star Trek universe. It expands the world created in the original 60s show. The Next Generation shows a world that takes place a century after the original, this one is a new take on that franchise. It may never be as good as the original, but it provides an adventurous storytelling that made Captain Kirk and Spock classic icons. This show maybe older than Voyager or Enterprise, its still as good as any trek show there is out there. I definitely recommend it. This will become a valuable part of my DVD collections.
  • My best childhood friend

    Star Trek : TNG was one of the best sci-fi series for its time. It was both a revival and continuation of a great franchise. But it was also original and inventive. Like George Lucas did , Gene Roddonbery created its own universe. It is far more idealistic and visionery. With TNG it evolves a takes a great leap forward. Unfortunetely I could watch only first two seasons during its first run. Later I collected DVDs of all episodes.

    And Cast : My fascination with Patrick Stewart started with Star Trek. He was just amazing as charismatic and thoughtful Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Patrick Stewart was just showing how to be a great actor with each episode. Just perfect. Jonathan Frakes was also quite qood as Kirk-like First Officer William Riker with his unortodox approaches. I don\\\'t think there might be a word to describe great performance of Brent Spiner as innocent but evolving android Data. Michael Dorn as Security Officer Worf represents integrity , courage and honor. Handicapped but innovative chief engineer Geordi LaForge was also a quite character. Gates McFadden as idealistic Dr. Beverly Crusher and Marina Sirtis as emotional counseller Deanna Troi were adding a quite feminine air to series.
  • awesome show

    i was not even born when the original show aired, but i watched it in reruns on week day afternoons. i had seen all the movies and was a big fan. then in the fall of 89 i saw the next generation. i was hooked. i have seen every episode several times and still enjoy the show.
  • It is about the crew of the starship enterprise who are on a mission to discover about the far reaches of outer space and about the worlds thye visit.

    this show is great i am so glad that this show is back on air and that i can watch it daily on G4 tv. i remember watching this show when i was in the second grade, i loved it then and i still love it now, and i will never stop being a trekie forever!!!
  • It is about the voyagers of the new starship enterprise. Their continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, discover new life and new civlizations, to boldly go where no person has gone before.

    It is a good show. I consider it to be a classic and better than the star trek original series with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Out of 10 stars I rate it a nine. I do think that captain Kirk of the original series was a better fighter and more outgoing than Captain Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek The Next Generation. However, it is cool that they have a Sr. officer that is a Klingon. Also I love the addition of the funny charecter Q, a member of the Q continuoum they has powers that are virtually unlimited.
  • Star Trek: TNG started slow but really picked it up and introduced us to some great characters and enemies as it went along.

    To compare this to Star Trek TOS is an insult to this great show. TNG is TOS fine tuned. Don’t get me wrong I love TOS it was before it’s time and without it we wouldn’t have TNG. But one cannot even begin to imagine the universe of Star Trek without considering Star Trek The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise (which threatened to and sometimes did ruin continuity until the last season, but I’ll save that for another review.)
    Patrick Stewart is an amazing actor and had an amazing cast to work with. One of the best examples of the fine tuning is the fact that Captain Jean-Luc Picard hardly ever went on an away mission. (It never made sense that Spock allowed Captain Kirk to put himself in dangerous situations.) Although Encounter at Farpoint’s only purpose seemed to be to introduce us to Q who would in turn introduce us to the Borg who would go on to terrorize not only TNG but Voyager and unfortunately Enterprise (The whole continuity thing). While the show stands alone fairly well to really immerse yourself into the Star Trek universe you should watch all the different series (mentioned above) and track down the books which tie in nicely to the shows and movies. Although even these will give one pause to the continuity, which I guess is to be expected with a work of fiction of this magnitude. Here’s looking forward to the new movie. Resistance is futile.


    I've been an avid fan of Star Trek : The Next Generation from the first time I saw the Enterprise NCC 1701-D and Captain Jean-Luc Picard stepped out of the shadows at the very begining of "Encounter at Farpoint". For the next several years, I watched the show each week with starry-eyed attention, enjoying not only the plots and characters but also the gadgetry. In seven years, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise have visited strange new worlds, encountered life in all its galatic diversity, and faced deadlier enemies than man has ever known. They have truly gone where no one has gone before, and in the process made ST:TNG into the most successful syndicated dramatic program of all time.
  • One of the better Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space.

    One of the better Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space. Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean-Luc Picard and was replacing William Shatner's Captain Kirk. Many, including myself, thought it couldn't be done. I was wrong and so where they. What a great job he and the other on the show did. This was even better than the original in many ways. Other stars of the sow included Michael Dorn as Lt./Lt. Cmdr. Worf, Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar, LeVar Burton as Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge, Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. William T. Riker, Diana Muldaur as
    Dr. Katherine Pulaski, Marina Sirtis as Counsellor/Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi, Brent Spiner as Lt. Cmdr. Data, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.
  • haha nice :D

    haha nice i love star-trek when it go on tv:P but it don't go on tv in sweden ;_; but nice triller :D but i hopp the new star-trek epesoid are good. but what can I say I LOVE star-trek. AAAA what are I gona do I can't see star-trek ;_;
    make me rank 2 so I can download star-trek
  • Superior acting, superior musical score than all of the Trek series!

    Growing up in the TNG era, this was the first Star Trek series that I had ever seen. TNG got me hooked with the Star Trek world with its quality acting, beautiful score and great writing. Over the seasons of TNG the characters sort of mellowed out and got more relaxed with each other but I believe it's part of the evolution of the show.

    I like TNG more than TOS, DS9, ST Voyager and ST Enterprise because of the reasons above. Although TOS to me remains the thing that started it all, it's always Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew that evoke the sense of adventure, of the excitement in investigating the unkown.

    Highly recommended.
  • cant get enough of Star Trek!

    Star Trek The Next Generation is the best film series on Earth! I am such a big fan! I wish the show had never ended! It made my decade in the 1990\\\'s and I lived for it!!
    I think Captain Picard was just the best character of his kind and the actor fit the character perfectly. Interesting how he was from the French Navarre, where I also have some ancestry from. I also think Commander Data was a great character for the show as well. The stories were all well done and interesting! I liked the Klingons too of course who doesnt!
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation was an inspiration.

    This is the only Star Trek I ever truly appreciated. The casting was excellent and the writing improved after the first shaky season. I was awe inspired by this show and still watch ocassional reruns today. It was a first class program in every respect, so in harmony with my mind\'s curiosity about exploring the universe and other worlds. I felt the acting was superb, the costumes excellent, the screen writing, among the best. The ideas behind many of the shows were brilliantly crafted and executed. I was rarely disappointed with this program.
  • My generation's Star Trek.

    Star Trek: TNG is simple put a reimaging of the original Star Trek when boiled down to it. Yes TNG proudly stoud on it's own with many differences. For example, Picard never breaks the rules, Federation and Klingons are at peace, and of course speical effect are so much better.
    Don't get me wrong, I really like this show alot, but I have to say looking back at episode I do have to say there was some bad ones. But the were some excellent ones (Time's Arrow, Best of Both Worlds, Yesterday's Enterprise, etc).
    Also there were some of the most memoriable charactors. No matter the problems that may lay in the show, the reason it will always be classic is because of it's very soul. No matter how much I love say Star Trek: DS9, I understand that TNG and TOS were the real classics that started the rule of the Star Trek legacy for two generations.
  • The best of the Trek incarnations.

    I grew up with the original trek and the trek cartoon on Saturday mornings. When TNG premiered to say I was excited was an understatement. I was not let down at all by what I saw. So many wonderful episodes over seven years. So many wonderful moments by very talented actors. I personally believe the show could have continued had the franchise not thinned itself out so much.
  • 2nd Of The Franchise Reviews

    Between The Original Series and The Next Generation, there were several films. This was an excellent way for Roddenberry to demonstrate the growth potential of the franchise and the drive of fan-dom, to accelerate a new Star trek series onto the small screen. But Roddenberry knew that any single network alone had too much power regarding the life and death of a series and the way to approach this idea was though syndication. And it was successful.

    Now that being said, was the series successful? For the Trek Fan, sure it was. To the sci-fi fan, it was good TV viewing. Without question, the first of the new generation series of Treks , this in particular, was well produced. But then again, it was Roddenberry’s child. He knew exactly what he wanted and where it needed to go.

    Enter Rick Bergman. Why enter? He was Roddenberry’s hand picked successor when Roddenberry became too ill to continue as Exec Producer. And that, what many believe, was the downward trend of this series.

    I find this series interesting, entertaining and well done. The stories were well written, even those that were rehashes of the original series. However, as the series entered its final year, things began to get stale and the characters very limited. It expanded well once the transition was made to the big screen. But that’s for another site.
  • Hottest captain in the galaxy

    I don't care what quadrant you're from, Picard is the hottest man I've ever seen. And don't even get me started on "First Contact". The borg queen makes me scream with delight (among other things). I am also the proud owner of all the DVDs, and indeed, TNG is my daily fix.
  • I am Captain John-Luc Piccard of the USS Enterprise... and with these words, we are given a show that has produced a new generation of trek fans, and continues to be the best trek show of all the other combined show... ever. Simply the best.

    Where do I start? Let's see... when I first watched this show, I was much younger.... around 5 or 6 at the time. I actually remember watching the first episode, because my sister who was 6 years older than me insisted that we watch this show. Being that my dad did enjoy the older star trek series, we watched, and were captivated as we were held by it's grasp, the commanding power of Captain Piccard, and the interactions between the crew members upon the star ship.

    As time wore on, the show increased it's capabilities, in great leaps and bounds. The story became more full and fresh, we were given great worlds to discover. Not only that, but movies were spun off of this show... and this show still continues to captivate me like no other star trek show. Although Enterprise did have more eye candy. Oh well... can't win them all.
  • Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry developed his highest understanding of the ideal society of the future in Next Generation; respect for all sentient beings; a job for everyone (doing a job you love), economic justice, equality, honesty, cooperation instead

    Next Generation is a beacon for humanity. Roddenberry used art to inspire us all.

    It's easy, when doing science fiction, to resort to gadgets, technology and gee-whiz. It's also easy to have continuous wars over social issues which should have been solved in the present (the past for these futuristic shows.)

    Roddenberry avoided these cliche's and instead envisioned a society where we have solved many of the problems of early humanity, a society that sends out into space to explore & learn, not to kill and destroy.

    If he were still alive, I'd ask him to marry me :-)
  • one of the best

    Love it I love it, this so so much better than the original, { heading for cover now} better acted better written I was not a Star Trek fan until this came around.. Patrick Stewart, is great, good actor so Sexy.. william Shatner can not compare to his class, still watch it every time I can
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