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  • A New Hope...

    That was what this was 20 years ago... After 20 (previous) years of being off the air STAR TREK was back!!! But not containing the original crew??? That was a shock... Can't say I took to the new guys at first... But looking back I remember this 'old crew' with affection... Even Data the weight gaining android!!!
  • I liked it...

    The next generation was the third Star Trek show I've ever watched. Since it started (on sat) in 2002 I had already watched a couple of seasons of Deep Space Nine and about a half of Voyager. I think that's why I din't like it too much. I find it less interesting that Voyager and its storyline is not as good as the one we find in Ds9. In TNG the "Mighty" Federation can deal with almost anything sticking to its principles and there are few episode in the show where we see good and unpredictable action and some thrill. If we add to that the fact that I've seen TNG when it was already gone for years we can see how my rating is so lower than the average.
  • My personal favorite "Trek"

    Personally, this "trek" was the best of all of the serieses. My particular favorite episodes involved the borg. I also loved the episodes in which the ship was taken over, by some dominating species. For me, these episodes give a sense of creativity. I also liked it whenever they would include stars from other treks, portraying their original characters.
  • I grew up watching TNG and I love it more and more as I get older.

    I was born in July of 1987 so I've been a trekie pretty much from the day I was born. I started out loving the futuristic technology and the jokes (yay for Q!), but as I've gotten older I've really learned to appreciate how the series looks at human culture in such a unique manner.

    I also notice how much the series reflects the times. As the 20th century drew to a close, people began to start wondering about how future societies (or even alien societies) would look back on us and how our current society might evolve. I remeber being shocked when watching the trial scene in the first episode and realizing that it is supposed to take place in the late 21st century. That barbarous past is what is predicted for MY future.

    TNG was and is a really great series. It's amusing even for a 2 or 3 year old but it has higher levels of complexity and bluntly examines the past, peasent, and future in a manner rarely seen an television. I love it beyond all reason and would recomend TNG to anyone.
  • i became hooked on this show when it first came out, and from then on, i love all star trek shows and movies. this was the best one of them all. i miss them altogether!

    it had all the aspects you come to want in a show, suspense, comedy, sadness, anger, you were made a part of that show, the characters were so real! i miss them all, i do wish they'd film another movie, while everyone is still around! star trek stood for all races. creeds, even then there was no need for money, you earned credits! there was no sickness, and fighting was only when there was no other choice.
  • *sigh* A HUGE part of what makes me "ME" is due to this show. I LOVE ST:TNG!

    Such a positive show that just reinforces Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations (IDIC). This show is part of my very soul. We're all the same. We all bleed red. We're One Race, on One Planet. This show made me KNOW this to be true. I'm thankful for it and for such an accomplished cast - top notch, good storylines, thorough technical plausibility, positive support/reinforcement (aside from the great Patrick Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg - c'mon now... this is one of the ALL-TIME GREAT SHOWS, ever). EVERYTHING about this show was/is FIERCE! The movies that this series puts out are incomparable. I will always love, love, love ST:TNG and watch re-runs happily 'til the day I die.
  • The best Star Trek show, and one of the best sci-fi shows too.

    One of the best sci-fi shows of all time, and definitely the best Star Trek show. They took all the good things about Star Trek: The Original Series and made it better. This series introduced 3 very important races: The Ferengi, known for being obsessed with business and wealth, especially gold-pressed latinum. The Cardassians, known for being the persecutors of the Bajoran, another race introduced in Next Gen, and being not quite as dangerous as the Romulans, but still dangerous none the less. And, of course, the Borg, the best evil alien race ever created. They are far more deadly than the Klingons ever were. The stories were incredible, with memorable stories from each season. All-star cast, incredible writing, and special effects that still are incredible today, and you've got the making for an awexome show, not just for sci-fi or Star Trek fans, but for everyone.
  • One of the BEST... SHOWS... EVER

    Star Trek: The Next Generation. Let's see here, it takes place in the furture which is cool. The alien spicies are different then I've ever seen. The special effects are awsome. This is my lowdown. There's a caption and his crew of 1,014 travling at speeds faster than light. Over the siries and movies they go through 2 starships, 15 man-years and staryears first contact with 27 different alien spicies and several great epsodes and movies. In other words, Gene Rodenbarry and Rick Berman made Star Trek: The Next Generation a big hit for every body who watched it and liked it.
  • One of the best television shows ever and certianly the best series of all the Trek's.

    The show features a wonderful cast, the best plot and story lines, as well as great acting and special effects. The story gets deeper and deeper with each passing season. The characters created here are wonderful and very deep. Casual viewers will love the plot lines while the hard core fan will pickup the things carried over from episode to episode. There is not much else to say about is the best!
  • Favorite Show

    This was and always will be my favourite show. I watched it from the start when I was a little kid and stayed with it all the way through. It was brilliant! I'll always watch it and it will always be with me as long as I live! This show is really just the best!
  • Out of the five Star Trek series, Next Generation is my favorite

    While Star Trek as a whole is an excellent franchise, I feel that Next Generation was the peak. This series just worked so much better than the other four generations of Star Trek.

    The cast of characters was simply amazing and of great variety, something the other series lacked. Worf, Data, Geordi, Picard, Riker, Crusher, and Troi are excellent characters and they have a place in my heart that the characters of the other series just could not capture (with the possible exception of Spock of course).

    As for the actual episodes, they explored a wide variety of genres and themes as the show progressed. Drama, comedy, mystery, life, death, etc. It's because of this that the show was constantly fresh and never disappointed me with repetitiveness like the other series did.
  • The final frontier gets revisited by a new captain and a new crew. This show set the standard for what outer space science fiction should be.

    Just like its predecessor, Star Trek: The Next Generation became a legend. However, it was mostly a legend in its own time.
    The crew centered around Jean Luc Picard. A frenchman who sounded an awful lot like and Englishman. His number one was Riker. He was supposed to bring the brashness to the series as Kirk-type character. In the early part of the series, the women characters were weak. Tasha Yar just keep running and shooting. Troi always had a bad feeling about this or that. And Dr. Crusher was little more than the first person to show up when people were killed. The show took of by leaps and bounds. It hit its peak with the introduction of the Borg. All in all, when it comes to this show, resistance is futile. You gotta love it.
  • More of the same, some years later.

    After the original “Star Trek” went off the air it became more popular. Eventually they made a new one. “Star Trek – The Next Generation” was one of the first big budget TV shows that succeeded even though it was not bought by a network. They established the concept of “first-run syndication”. Initially the show was broadcast mostly on the new Fox network. Since Fox didn’t own the rights, Paramount was able to sell it to independent and other network affiliate stations if there was no Fox affiliate in that town.

    The cast was very similar to the original series. So much so that shows written for the original Star Trek could be easily adapted to the new series. Additions like the holo-deck gave even more latitude and range of story ideas.

    This would be a great show to have on DVD, but they want over $100 per season for it, so there’s no way I would buy it.
  • this sci fi legend has more credits to its title then most any other, it took a 2nd rate tv serie into the for front, just by how good the actors, the stories and the charector development really was.

    between starting the series with a major mission of sanificant importance, too introducing some of the most beloved charectors in all of star trek this series hold its place not just in star trek histroy but in world history as a changer of how people viewed sci fi. it change it from a how aliens attack humans, and some interesting stuff in the movies to it being acceptable for major stations to take series that had an accual story to it and run with it. i personally beleve that the 3 other gene roddenberry creations (farscape, earth final conflict, and andromeda) would have never air, been filmed, or even looked at if this series would not have done what it did. i beleve we in the sci fi community should all give kudos to those who wrote, produced, directed and stared in every episode of this series.
  • Space, the final frontier.

    I've watched all five Star Trek series, and I can easily say that Star Trek: The Next Generation is, in my personal opinion, the best out of all five seasons, though of course, I still enjoy the other four series as well, but not as much as I enjoy this one.

    I'm quite glad that this, and all the other ST series have been put on DVD, so that I can watch them whenever I want.
  • To boudly go where no one has gone before

    This is the show I grew up with. Every friday night we went to the sauna and taped the newest episode. After that we ate pizza and watched the life on the Enterprise.

    This show has to be a reason why I have developed such a great philosophical consciousness. The stories had always more than you saw. They were allegories of different civilizations or showed us how the western man had it few centuries ago. Though in space it was merely about us all the time.. Sometimes straight from the time we lived. We saw a different perspective on things.

    The most astonishing part of the show is that actually shows how the world would be after a comunist revolution. There would be no money, no national borders, no hunger. Everbody has the same chances than the other. People are doing something to enhance what they are and working for a better future for the mankind. Think about that! This one is a classic.
  • new enterprise crew travels the galaxy. better technology cutting edge ideas. nice cast what else can I say.

    unlike the original enterprise it is not absolutely horrible where u have the most haggard computers being used. it has one of the best acting of any sci fi show I have ever seen. You can see this show happening in the future. This also was agains racism because u have racist planets and federation who is anti racism.
  • I love Star Terk TNG I was a late bloomer,but I got addicted to it a few years ago. I have seen all the episodes, but I still like watching my favorites, When Wesley was almost killed for walking on the lawn on an alien planet...

    Excellent show, exciting original and weird. where do they come up with these characters?? Data and Worf are my favorites. Of course, how can anyone not like Captain Picard??? I was so glad that the betazoid and number one got together in the last movie, I hope her mother leaves them alone!!
  • TNG is the first Star Trek spin-off and a highly successful one at that. To me it's a classic series. The Next Generation's strengths are the excellent characters and cast but the weakness is that there is no bigger plot.

    The Next Generation is truly a classic. It's a show which almost anyone will recognize, just like the original Star Trek. If you don't know who Jean-Luc Picard is, you've most likely been living under a rock.

    It's easy to define the strong points and the weak points of this series. Obviously the characters and the cast is the main strength of TNG, the crew has excellent chemistry. There are some very unique characters like Data, performed to excellence by Brent Spiner.

    The weak points of the show are also clear to me. While the show does have many magnificent episodes during the 7-year run, it's also important to point out that there is no bigger plotline going on. To me it's always important that there are good and long arcs in a series.

    There are better Star Trek series out there than this one, DS9 and Voyager both have a strong crew and cast but those shows have major arcs and good plotlines besides that.

    However, I do recommend this show. It's a good series with a lot of magnificent episodes that you won't forget quickly. TNG is a true classic that will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Now if you don't mind, I have Earl Grey, hot, waiting for me.
  • Starting with a slow first season and having the handicap of trying to live up to TOS, TNG finally came into its own and I believe in many ways surpassed TOS.

    Some would say I am wrong about TNG surpassing TOS, but it is not meant as a slam against TOS. TOS was wonderful, but TNG was allowed to grow, which unfortunately TOS was not allowed to do.

    Throughout the 7 seasons, the characters were allowed to become well rounded, and I believe truly became a family. The stories were overall good, although there were a few clinkers. The technology and the aliens were usually very well used. As with TOS, TNG often looked at reality and gave us alegorical stories about ourselves.

  • Well i've never been a trek guy, but I could appreciate this show. It had a nice picture of humanities future and good stories. Great character like the recurring Q and my favorite bad guys the borg. Although the lack of human c

    Well i've never been a trek guy, but I could appreciate this show. It had a nice picture of humanities future and good stories. Great character like the recurring Q and my favorite bad guys the borg. Although the lack of human confrontation did get boring. All in all I enjoyed my time watching this show almost more than anyother in the franchise.
  • Star Trek:The Next Generation is my all-time favorite show. The greatest factors that make TNG great are the comraderie among the characters, well thought out stories, the perfect amount of action, and ingenious timing. I enjoy the amazing characters and

    Star Trek:The Next Generation is, without a doubt, my all-time favorite show. Every weekday, I wake up looking forward to the three hours between 1:00PM and 3:00 PM. I fully appreciate Spike TV's generous airing of this wonderful classic. I was introduced to Star Trek when I was about five years old. However, I didn't fully appreciate it until about 8 or 9 years ago. The greatest factors that make TNG great are the comraderie and chemistry among the characters, well thought out stories, the perfect amount of action, and ingenious timing. There are many more factors involved in TNG, but these listed are what I see most. However, I enjoy the amazing characters and the actors who portrayed them over all.
    Let's begin with Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge. The Enterprise's chief engineer is not only a genius in his field, but he's a sort of a counselor, as well. Whenever Data had a lesson to learn about being human, Geordi was always able to help him on his way to learning the important lesson. Geordi was also a friend to whomever needed one. His generous spirit always made newcomers feel welcome on board the Enterprise. Also, for being blind, this guy saw things nobody else saw. Not only was he able to see waves of energy and what not with his visor, but he was able to figure things out about behavior that no one else could. If somebody was acting like a jackass, he often made them see it. He was usually a friendly guy, but he would raise his voice and get in one's face when necessary to solve problems.
    Lt. Worf is one of my favorite Trek characters (excluding his role on DS9, of course). The chief of security and tactical officer on board the Enterprise was indeed a Klingon warrior. But he had a human side that he often cherished. When confronted with Klingon tradition that he dissagreed with, he wasn't afraid to say so. He perfectly integrated the best of Klingons with the best of humans. Although he kept a rocky surface demeanor, he cherished his friends and enjoyed their company. His best friend was most likely Commander Riker, but he most respected Captain Picard. Worf cherished honor above all, but there were times when he risked his honor to preserve security aboard the ship. Like any Klingon, he craved battle, but did all he could to achieve peace, for the Federation, something he cared for very much.
    The resident counselor on board the Enterprise was Deanna Troi. The half Human, half Betazoid beauty utilized her intuition, intelligence, compassion, and telepathic abilities inherant to Betazoids. Although she took her professional life very seriously, this woman knew how to unwind. She loved chocolate, enjoyed watching people on ten-forward, and liked men a little too much. It's a good thing that venerial diseases are irrelivant in the 24th century, because otherwise, she would've died before Tasha Yar. Every time a male dignitary or ambassador arrived, they would fall in love within the first 10 minutes of the show, screw, talk, screw some more and then break up...and then screw some more. If she had to choose between sex and chocolate, she would dip Worf in fudge and get the best of both worlds(She liked Worf a lot...I mean he broke up with her, but I bet she wouldn't let him go without a fight).
    Nobody cared for the medical profession more than Doctor Beverly Crusher. She was willing to risk everything for the well being of her patients. She would take her own heart out of her body if no vacant heart were available. Romance was a rarity for the doctor, but when romantically involved, she could be more passionate than ever imagined. Her lack of intimacy was mostly a result of the love she secretly harbored for Captain Picard. Speaking of the Captain, Crusher was only one of two people who could get in his face and tell him when he was wrong(the other being the ship's bartender Guinan). Although she seems like someone who can't fend for herself, she was one of the tougher women on board. If in danger, she would use all her strength and maneuverability to kick some alienass(or Riker's if he gets too fresh).
    Probably the main character, after Captain Picard, the Operations officer and Second officer of the Enterprise known as Lt. Commaner Data wanted nothing more than to be human. Every time a problem arose, the artificial lifeform would see an opportunity to learn about human nature. He would usually ask his best friend Geordi any questions he had about human responses, feelings and emotions, etc. Although Data was incapable of feeling anything, his sense of familiarity allowed him to care for his friends aboard the Enterprise, in one way or another. Data had a firm grasp on the difference between right and wrong, however there were times when his program would be compromised. When this happened, nothing was a bigger threat to the security of the Enterprise than Commander Data.
    William T. Riker was the best damn first officer that a captain could have. No one was more suitable to fill that role aboard the flagship of the Federation than Will Riker. He liked having fun more than most people, but when it came to his job, Riker was all business and did it better than anyone else could. Riker knew how to take chances, but when it came to the safety of all the people on board the Enterprise, Riker took no such chances. When it came to pleasure, Riker knew how to get it. PIMP is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Riker. This man had no trouble getting laid when he desired(which was always). Two things were on his mind when on the bridge of the Enterprise; Duty and Booty.
    Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise. By far, my favorite character in Star Trek history. The man was stern, arrogant, stuffy and liked being so. But his un-people -friendly characteristics were outweighed by his sense of duty, honor, and his complete dedication to doing what\'s right. His sense of honor was never more apparent than when he disobeyed his superiors. Something had to be very important to him to make Jean Luc Picard disobey a direct order. The main thing to be remembered about Picard was his lonliness. He preferred not to open up to anyone, with the exception of Doctor Crusher and Guinan, to name a few. Although he was a loner, he often shared touching moments with various members of the crew. He never hesitated in coming to the aid of his crew members in need. For example, on more than one occasion, he defended Data whenever his status as a lifeform was under question, and aided Worf in times of peril concerning his Klingon heritage. Regardless of his preference for solitude, there wasn't a thing that Captain Picard wouldn't do for a member of his crew.
    Aside from the main characters, TNG was notorious for their casting of great guest stars. No other show had better reoccuring characters. The show was jam packed with memorable guest stars, including: Miles O'Brian, the ship's transporter chief; Guinan, the wise bar tender; Counselor Troi's trouble making mother Rwaxanna Troi; Lt. Barkley, a very nervous assistant engineer with a penchant for the holodeck; Worf's troubled son Alexander; and Ensign Ro Laren, the loose cannon helm officer with strong morals.
    Writing, characters and the actors who portray them, directing and so many other factors are what contribute to the greatest sci-fi show, and most possibly the greatest show in television history.
  • Space... the final frontier...

    The fantatic voyages of the fifth starship Enterprise and her amazing crew... a series I hope will be remembered for many years to come... from "Encounter at Farpoint" to "All Good Things...", from Earth to Qo'Nos, it was a wild I loved hopping on all my life... may they all live long and prosper!
  • Practically everyone knows of Star Trek. Well, while the original with Captain Kirk was fine and dandy, this version blows it out of the stratosphere. "Next Generation" is quite possibly the most influential and memorable show of the late 80's early 90's.

    Practically everyone knows of Star Trek. Well, while the original with Captain Kirk was fine and dandy, this version blows it out of the stratosphere. "Next Generation" is quite possibly the most influential and memorable show of the late 80's early 90's. Add in the fact that it is perhaps the best version of Star Trek to ever grace the small screen and you have a definate winner. Everything about this show spells out success; the acting (esp. Patrick Stewart) is phenominal, the storylines are much better than the original, the action is solid as are the moments of drama, the same technology factor is there, and even the special effects surpass the norm of its era. All in all, this is a great show and one of the most entertaining science fiction shows ever.

    My final review: A great show even if you aren't a "Trekky". If you are, then all the more reason to watch, as this is the pinnacle of your Trek experience.
  • Flawless series only lacking the plot that keeped Star Treks Voyager crew together.

    A great Star Trek series. I gave it same rating as DS9. Personally im not a huge fan of this series. But I do enjoy watching it. Overall there isnt much to complain about. But I thought the cast chemistry in Voyager was better and for that reason I give it.1 lower. Overall its solid and watchable through every season.
  • INCREDIBLE, 1987-1994

    Star Trek The Next Generation began in 1987 with 'encounter at farpoint pt I' where The new Enterprise (USS-Enterprise-D) Commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) met the relentless life form known as Q, on Stardate 41153.7 ,
    Star Trek the next generation stretched for an amazing 7 season's from 1987 to 1994, from 'Encounter at farpoint' to 'All good things pt II'.
    An incredible 177 episodes Captain Jean-Luc Picard battled his way out of the borg collective con-scienceness, faught Rhomulans, Klingon's, Cardasians etc he out-smarted dozens of rases, rescued his crew, protected Wes Crusher (Wil Wheaton) from a rock slide. He is quite simply one of a Legend both on and off the set of Star Trek.
    With the longest series in Star Trek history The Next Generation has proved to be the most famous of the 5 Season's, and is my personal favourite.
  • Captain Picard and crew explore strange new worlds in the finest of the Star Trek franchises.

    Perhaps the finest science fiction show ever. This show not only had some of the finest actors to ever come from the small screen, but it was the last show to have Roddenberry helming it, and as such it dealt with much more than phasers and warp speed. This was a show that provided a forum for controversial social, ethical and moral issues to be aired in an environment where they would not be explosive. The cast genuinely loved working together and it shows in the on-screen chemistry. This show was truly lightning in a bottle.
  • It was my favorite show. I watched the same episode twice a week, its origal showing and the rerun on Saturdays. I waited the whole summer for the cliffhanger, when the borg ship fired at the enterprise.

    Space the final frontier these are the voyages of the star trek enterprise. Its continuing mission to explore new worlds, to seek out new lives and new civilization, to boldy go where no one else has gone before. I think that was the openning of Captain Jean Luke Picard. I watched that show like it was my life.
  • A little controversial as it hardly had anything to do with Kirk and company, but wow!

    With the original cast proving a huge hit on the big screen, Gene Roddenberry decided it was time to bring his creation back to the small screen with a new Enterprise, a new crew, and a new mission "to boldly go where no one has gone before." The result was Star Trek: The Next Genaration.

    It's difficult in 2005 to realise what a challenge the producers of ST:TNG had on their hands at the series' inception in 1986. Not only did they have to invent a new series, they had to build upon a legend in a way that was both respectful and novel. Moreover, they had to reinvigorate a TV genre that had grown stale, commercially unviable, and discredited. Personally, I feel they pulled it off with brilliant results.

    This series is one of the best in the Star Trek franchise. It has tension, suspense, and gives us an even more indepth view into the Trek Universe.

    It will always remain one of my all time favourite television shows.

  • TNG is a fantasticly crafted sci-fi masterpiece. Recognition should be paid to all those involved in special effects on the TNG team.

    From Encounter at Farpoint to Best of Both Worlds; every single episode of TNG demoonstrates far superior, ahead of its time SCi-FI. Comparing effects of SCI-FI film/tv from the ninties to TNG shows how far ahead it was. Was anyone else immpressed with the whoe way TNG revolutionised interior starship design ? Typical Eightees, lets bring in a ships councellor. Setting aside the cheesy ship heircachy and overly blissfull character interaction and you can really start to draw your attention to the detail and attention paid in every episode to special effects. Can i get an A-Men people ???? TNG, in short, 15 years ahead on TV Series special effects.
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