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  • Engage! Make it so numba one!

    Accomplished what the original series couldn't.... huge ratings while not watering down the story. Perhaps the newly deceases Enterprise could have
    learned from TNG. This show made you think about it days after you watched the episodes on wendesday. By far the best Star Trek series, great acting, great stories, and good character development over the seven year run. A must see series for any sci fi fan! ;)
  • Space The Final Fronter

    This show is my 2nd favorate of the Star Trek Saga, 2nd only to Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

    This show is a credit to the orignal series.

    The crew takes on near impossable tasks and yet come out ontop each time.

    I think the death of Tasha in Season 1 is what made this show a winner.

    Until that time I have never seen a important memeber of the cast get killed off so early in the series.

    That was really a bold move for the time.
  • Whether you liked the original Trek or not, 'The Next Generation is a true Trek across space

    It's a show that had very well written stories, and each week there was a different hero from the no named ensign, to the captain himself. Several of the stories developed into true sagas and much of the plots involved many of the original cast. Bringing Spock into ‘The Next Generation was a true piece of art.

    You must keep in mind that the budget for ‘The Next Generation was a great deal larger than that of the original show. With that in mind, the special effects were superb, not only for a television show, but for movies as well. The Next Generation brought some very cool gadgets into our lives including tricorders, androids, and, of course, the most dreamed about invention the Holodeck! What a great thing that would be!

    While I would never doubt that the original Star Trek series is a classic, after all, they did name a Space Shuttle after the Enterprise, ‘The Next Generation brought the 21st century into our homes each and every Saturday night, and helped us to believe that we can `Boldly go where no man have gone before!'
  • I had my doubts when ST:NG began.

    I had my doubts when ST:NG began. I was excited and worried. Would I like it? Would it live up to the original series that I had watched from the first episode? Although it took some time to adust to the new crew, the answer was a resounding YES. The values and philosophy of the original was carried over into this show. There were interesting missions, dangerous missions and comic-relief missions. Lessons were taught and learned. Like the original, it reflected its time and the politics surrounding us here on Earth. I hope one day we can live up to its ideals.
  • If the original Star Trek series proved ground braking sci-fi TV way ahead of its time, think of The Next Generation as the mature, perfected version.

    If the original Star Trek series proved ground braking sci-fi TV way ahead of its time, think of The Next Generation as the mature, perfected version.
    ST: TNG had everything going for it:
    It was fortunate enough to be produced at a time when a decent budget allowed for effects that were both spectacular for its time and are realistic enough so as not to deter future generations from appreciating the show.
    It was fortunate to have one of the best casts in TV history. While most of the cast was great and had great chemistry, I have to mention two particular cast members, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spinner who gave masterful renditions of their characters (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and Data) making them my favorite TV/Movie characters of all time.
    The effects and the cast would be nothing of course, if TNG was not blessed with some amazing scripts. While a few mediocre scripts crept in, there were so many memorable and well-written scripts that set a really high standard for sci-fi shows to come (usually embarrassingly high to follow). During its run, ST: TNG brilliantly explored material that could stand as the basis of good sci-fi movies (and some of this material did indeed find its way in movie scripts). And as this was not enough, there were the masterpieces... Episodes that will be deeply appreciated and remembered by fans and non-fans (like Inner Light, Best of Both Worlds etc).
    Then you have the little things that matter to sci-fi fans: First, there was a strong sense continuity. Even if the story lines were 1 or 2 eps long making the series very easy to watch (which is not the case for B5 for example), each storyline affected the future episodes. Also, the series made sure it integrated well in the Star Trek universe, as to not alienate the most serious fans. Secondly, although TNG made some scientific mistakes, they were not serious enough to distract savvy viewers.
    Lastly, TNG had some of the greatest recurring characters ever. John De Lancie's "Q", was a delight, Whoopi Goldberg's "Guinan" was a "bartender" character like no other... And then there were the Borg, the ultimate villain, whose "prepare to be assimilated" line is decidedly more hair-raising than the Dalek "exterminate".
    In all, TNG is a solid production that most likely is in the heart of every serious sci-fi fan. It is my personal favorite show of all time and I can only prey that something can rival (or dare I say surpass?) it in the future. 17 Years after it's first run it is not showing signs of aging, proof that a trully superb show can be appreciated by many generations.
  • This is the best Star Trek series of them all. It had great characters and great story lines. I would recommend this show to anyone.

    This is the best Star Trek series of them all. It had great characters and great story lines. I would recommend this show to anyone.

    Many of the best Star Trek episodes were part of this series and it is always worth watching. Captain Picard was the best captain ever.
  • I've watched this show since I was one week old.

    This show started one week after I was born, and my parents watched it. I don't really remember it, but it still counts. The first time I really watched it was 1995 when I was 8, and watched the tapes. We collected about 200 total Star trek tapes, which was a lot of money in the time before DVDs. Anyways, this was a show that I could watch as a little kid, and like it as much as I could any kids show. And it's gotten even better for me as I've gotten older, and have learned how to understand some of the complicated elements. The characters are deep, the stories are mind-openers, and it opened the doors for all the science fiction that came after it.
  • The adventures of the starship enterprise captianed by Jean-Luc Picard.

    The best Star Trek series no doubt. It has the most emotion and drama out of any of them. It has some interesting and original episodes. It also has the best crew Riker, Picard, Troi, Crusher, Geordi, Data, and Worf. The best coolest Star Trek series by far. A must see.
  • The best Star Trek

    As a general rule, I dislike most Star Treks, Voyager was good at times - but definitely fell apart before the end, I could barely watch Enterprise, the original was before my time, and the less said about Deep Space Nine the better.

    However, The Next Generation is truly a sci-fi great - although it has its bad episodes, many episodes are true greats. These are usually episodes involving time, the Borg or Q. The crew actually interacted with each other and the Picard could not only run a huge ship, but could also talk in depth about philosophy and other such matters. Also, The Next Generation actually has a good episode as its ending, which is seems most other Star Treks did not.

    The movies based on The Next Generation are great too ... well, the earlier ones are - First Contact was, in my opinion, the best movie, and the last good one.
  • Star Trek tng is probably the best sci-fi show out there.

    Star Trek tng is probably the best sci-fi show out there. It is one of those shows that you just cannot stop watching. I even skip classes to find out of the crew of the Enterprise get out of their current peril. I really like episode that have "Q" in them. I will move my schedule to watch a good Star Trek tng episode that involves "Q". I was elated to find that Spike TV started showing 4 Star Trek tng episodes on Fridays. With my aim I have a special away message that I put up while I am watching Star Trek tng.
  • This show has every aspect you would expect from star trek!

    I just started watching this show a little while back, and i LOVED it. I am addicted to this show! I would buy it on dvd if it wasnt so darn expensive ;). This is a great show for anyone, star trek fan or not. Please watch this show, you will never be the same again.
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