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  • The worst Star Trek show.

    I really wanted to like this show. But I just can't get into it.

    I have watched all 7 seasons and always hoped it would get better but the only episodes I liked where the ones that featured the Borg. Most of the time I was simply bored to tears. While I like Patrick Stewart, it is not enough to keep me engaged when the rest of the cast is forgettable, the characters Troi, Dr.Crusher and Riker being the worst.
    The stories were boring or preaching and always cheesy.

    Maybe I would have liked the show better if I had seen it when it came on TV years ago, but today it looks outdated.
    And this has nothing to do with it being shot in the 80ies, I like the original Star Trek, so it must be something else.

    I can't recommend this show to anyone, I hardly understand the fascination with it.
  • The new Enterprise, under the command of Captain Picard, is by a mysterious omnipotent being called Q. They are put on trial as the representatives of a species of violent savages and for crimes, done by mankind hundreds of years before.

    Do not get me wrong. I was a fan of TNG 20 years ago. Today i watch it with different eyes. Some things i still like, like the naivity of the concept of a united mankind (hello to all american readers), somethings i still can not stand (Will Wheaton). But as far as i can remember, only a hand of viewers liked him.
    What i did not realize 20 years ago was the immense amount of bad acting in the pilot episode. Denise Crosby, lesbian archetype, security officer i presume, steadily overreacts or -overact-. unbelievable her reaction in the courtroom, when she histerically cries, that these people (mankind)have saved her planet for barbary (cant recall it precisely).
    dialogues are partly simply less than intelligent. especially deanna troy remarks about q are simply stupido.
    What i liked, was the Doctor Who like atmosphere in the court-room, Q in his various costumes, the medieval spectators and the Judge Dread like soldiers. In this scene, the supporting cast was much better.

  • Where No Man Has Gone Before.

    I thought this show was intended for kind of an Elementary School level audience somehow. Quite unlike the original show. Same with all the subsequent Star Trek Universe shows-basically kids stuff-not offensive but decidedly not true SF.
  • Necessary, but flawed

    Largely mediocre fluff. Not many memorable characters. Absolutely no on-going story arcs (at best, two-part episodes). It explored interesting concepts, but concepts just aren't enough to make a show worthwhile. If you have the time, watch the occasional rerun, but don't bother getting any DVDs, because it's not worth the money.
  • A follow up to Star Trek

    It seems at time that Star Trek-TNG goes out of it way to state that there is no God. Does this mean I will not watch Star Trek-TNG. No. There are some storylines I really enjoyed. There are some Star Trek-TNG that I have problems with. “Genesis”, “Who Watches the Watchers” "All Good Things". These are just three I will not watch.
  • Well i've never been a trek guy, but I could appreciate this show. It had a nice picture of humanities future and good stories. Great character like the recurring Q and my favorite bad guys the borg. Although the lack of human c

    Well i've never been a trek guy, but I could appreciate this show. It had a nice picture of humanities future and good stories. Great character like the recurring Q and my favorite bad guys the borg. Although the lack of human confrontation did get boring. All in all I enjoyed my time watching this show almost more than anyother in the franchise.
  • Star Trek-the Politically Correct Generation

    Just over twenty years ago, when I first heard about this continuation of the Star Trek saga, I couldn't wait for it. But as time went on I became somewhat disenchanted. True, the special effects were far beyond the 1960's original, attention to the real aspects of astronomy, and hard science were much, much better than the original series, but far too many of the episodes had story lines that were weak and a little bit too touchy-feely and politically correct for my tastes. A great many of the alien races represented on the show didn't strike me as being alien at all. They behaved like feudal warlords from earth centuries ago. I think that was my biggest beef with the show, and all it's spin offs.
    Feudalism hasn't been a viable political system on our world for a long, long time...couldn't a race advanced enough for star travel do one hell of a lot better? A believable alien race for me would be physiologically much different from us with a vastly different value system that that of the human race as a result of this. The writers could have done a much better job and shown much more imagination in that respect. And yes, it's true. James Kirk got laid a lot more than Jean-Luc Picard I'm afraid. Hmmm.
  • Although sprinkled with gems throughout it\'s run, ST:TNG was uneven in it\'s quality. All in all, a disappointment.

    ST:TNG lacked the spirit of The Original Series (TOS), the expectation of something absolutely new and wonderful every week. Unlike TOS, the writing was mostly mediocre at best and, to make matters worse, the techno-babble tended to wander into center stage instead of remaining in the background. Curiously, the best episodes were those that downplayed technology and concentrated on conflict between characters.

    And characterization was a problem as well. Picard was an unlovable lump, a company man, unlike the volatile Kirk. Yes, Picard protested to his brother against how Star Fleet made him kill, but - like a good Star Fleet robot - he returns to duty, an unloving and unlovable man. Now, Kirk was a commander of passion, wonderously violating the sturgid prime directive whenever he saw its aburdity to a given situation; Picard, however, followed it to the letter, regardless of the outcome. Kirk was also a shameless womanizer, bedding good-looking ensigns and aliens almost every episode - for the good of intersteller relations, of course; Picard had hang-ups in this area, preferring to play his flute or read a classic book to knowing a stunning babe - and he's a frenchman, yet! Riker, as first officer, is another unlikable; a martinet and a self-absorbed chauvinist - no hang-ups for him, bring on the babes! Lets not forget Wesley, a unecessary brat-character, thrown in by the producers only as a sop to younger viewers, who ruined more episodes than helped. And Data, the robot who tries to understand humans and become human, but can't; what is the purpose of a character not being able to accomplish that which cannot be done? (Can a toaster become a horse?). LaForge, the blind chief engineer, is another sop to the handicapped - er, physically challenged - and African-American communities (two birds with one stone!).

    The theme of the show was weak. "Where no one has gone before" turned out more often than not as "where everyone has gone before." Rarely did the Enterprise leave known space; it uaually took a smart-ass alien to push them to the limits -- and Picard, the bore that he is, decidedly did not like it. This is why Star Trek: Voyager is more true to the original; Voyager is forced by circumstance to explore the unknown, not be a taxi for Star Fleet bureaucrats, diplomats, emotionally-dead scientists, and inquisitive aliens.
  • A dissappointment for me after The Original Series, but it had a few excellent episode.

    I must say, there are a few excellent episodes (my fav is 5/25-Inner Light, a masterpiece indeed) there are too many filler episodes.
    A bad-CGI alien flies around the ship...boring..Geordi installs a new warp-thingy..boring..Picard is a good diplomat...
    Where are the new worlds? To boldly go..on a routine mission...I don't get it...
    Then the "funny" episodes.. The Q eps are ok, but those about Troi's mother..garbage.

    Now to the good part: Borg, time travel, Data, Worf, holo-deck..and so on... I'd say 1/4 of the episodes are truly fantastic, I really enjoyed that part very much, so I didn't regret watching the whole series.
  • Hip astronauts and aliens

    I am not a huge sci fi fan. I can't speak in Klingon and I don't claim to know the names of all the alien life forms that drop in on the Enterprise for a visit. What I do know is that by sci fi standards, TNG is one of the best shows of its kind. What Michael Jordan is to basketball: Star Trek (the franchise) is to sci fi. No wonder there are so many trekkies in the world.
  • a journey through space with lots of new races and planets visited

    this is a good installment to the star trek series. although it got better after this. individually the episodes are good but the fact it goes from planet to planet there isn't much focus on individually characters. it has the best 2 part episode of all the star trek series with best of both worlds, possibly the only season ending 2 parter that gets better in the second part. all this needed was a more detailed plot running throughout the background of these episodes. like DS9 had with the war and voyagers journey home. not a bad series but not the best
  • A New Hope...

    That was what this was 20 years ago... After 20 (previous) years of being off the air STAR TREK was back!!! But not containing the original crew??? That was a shock... Can't say I took to the new guys at first... But looking back I remember this 'old crew' with affection... Even Data the weight gaining android!!!
  • I liked it...

    The next generation was the third Star Trek show I've ever watched. Since it started (on sat) in 2002 I had already watched a couple of seasons of Deep Space Nine and about a half of Voyager. I think that's why I din't like it too much. I find it less interesting that Voyager and its storyline is not as good as the one we find in Ds9. In TNG the "Mighty" Federation can deal with almost anything sticking to its principles and there are few episode in the show where we see good and unpredictable action and some thrill. If we add to that the fact that I've seen TNG when it was already gone for years we can see how my rating is so lower than the average.
  • k'ehleyr

    While Star Trek TNG did much to revitalise the franchise with some stunning story arcs and some fantastic standalone episodes like Yesterday's Enterprise , to name but one of many, it also made some very serious mistakes in ridding itself of brilliant characters played by great character actors and also ill served some of the shows longest running characters like Worf. Chief amongst these is Suzie Plakson's K'ehleyr, an excellent study in independence, intellect power and sexual elegance from a female Kiingon. This half human half Klingon character was the epitomy of sultry intelligent humour and savagery wrapped up neatly in this individual and one of the best realised. She was very captivating as a Federation ambassador and a great narrative lightning rod for exposing Worf's slavish adherence to Klingon tradition. She also allowed us to understand Klingon mating customs. Beyond this, there were several subsequent Klingon stories where her presence would have made a great difference. My understanding was that Michael Piller thought her death would give credence to Worf killing Duras, another very foolish mistake as it did not resolve the plot arc of Worf's dishonour. I'm sure Gene Roddenberry would have prevented this development, but I also think this decision sent the storyline into silly directions with Alexander, k'ehleyr and Worf's son, becoming a spare part that never quite worked without his mother and the conflict between modernity and tradition, something that Star Trek itself is built on.
  • In my opinion the best of the star trek series.

    So for those of you who don't know, this show follows the exploits of the new crew of the USS Enterprise-D as they explore the galaxy and meet new life forms.

    This series is in many respects far superior to the original. it takes those aspects of the original series that we knw and love and improve upon them with better special effects, more alien races and better characters.

    The acting is also particularly good - especially in the later seasons when the cast have really found their feet. The plotlines are also superior to the original series with better thoughout and less political scripts.

    All in all it is everything we love about star trek only better.
  • Good Writing (usually), OK acting...

    TNG is often praised as the cream of the crop when it comes to Star Trek series. But though it had its moments, it really didn't hold a candle to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Next Generation was plagued by 3 things:

    1) Through the first couple of seasons, it was a carbon copy of the original series. Although, with the introduction of the Borg, it laid the groundwork for the best villain in all of TV history (only to see that villain turned into CGI manikins by ST: Voyager).

    2)While Patrick Stewart is ubiquitously and rightly praised for his performance as Captain Picard, often I find that the acting on this show is a little less than good. In particular, Gates McFadden (worst), Marina Sirtis (pretty bad), Michael Dorn (OK) and Jonathan Frakes (take him or leave him). Brent Spiner was good, and LeVar Burton was totally underused.

    3) Deus ex Machina. All to often, God would come down on his spaceship and save the day.

    Best Episode: Tie between "The Best of Both Worlds I & II" and "The Inner Light"
  • While not perfect, this show set the tone for later scifi dramas and, at its best, was superb television.

    Maybe it's unfair to judge TNG by today's standards - in many ways, it was the first "modern-day" scifi drama. The shows that followed in its wake may have been better, but that's because they were standing on Next Generation's shoulders.

    The show got off to an extremely shaky start with the weak 1st season. The 2nd season was a clear improvement, but it was not until #3 that the show really hit its stride. Each of the final 5 seasons had some classic, "must-see" episodes along with others that provided fun viewing.

    The drawback is that nearly each of those 5 seasons had duds - particularly the final one, during which the writers shifted focus to DS9, Voyager, and the upcoming "Generations" movie.

    In addition, the writers struggled with character development. With a few exceptions (Picard, Worf and to some degree Data), the characters "froze" in the 3rd season and never really developed. Those used to character- and arc-driven shows may be disappointed.

    In addition, the show occasionally relied on alien-of-the-week plots, pseudo-scientific technobabble or preachy "message" shows. Some people like those characteristics; I do not.

    Overall a very worthy viewing experience, and recommended. But I think that Deep Space Nine was overall a better show.
  • 7 Seasons of entertaining science-fiction.

    The first expansion on the Star Trek universe, The Next Generation series can almost be considered as much a classic as the original series. Filmed at a time when there weren't many televised science fiction shows, this series definitely set a trend in its day. Although the show had many directors, the directing and acting almost felt amateurish during most of the first season but eventually the pacing improved, the show matured and polished into its distinct and endearing style as the cast and crew undoubtedly familiarised themselves with each other and their roles. There was also an evolution with the quality of set production and more notably with post production as there were tremendous advancements in digital special effects that occured during the 7 years the show was produced, such as much cleaner keying and blue screen shots during the later seasons. The quality of the writing and subject matter varied from fair to excellent with only very few disappointments. Roddenberry's vision of a utopic society where there is no greed, famine and very little disease while mankind explores the stars with miraculous technological advancements is an interesting canvas for stories which touch on the human morals of an advanced society and its interaction with alien species and strange otherworldly phenomena.
  • TNG was both safe and dull ST and enjoyable and well produced ST.

    I became a Trekkie just last year and this was the first ST i chose to buy on DVD. I remembered enjoying it as a kid and it brought back some fond memories indeed. Unfortunatly i had to get through the mostly garbage first two seasons before i saw gold. TNG had one of the worst growing periods for a TV ever. Its best to avoid those and start with the amazing third season. That set the standard for ST and became even better than TOS. For the next four years TNG was king. They rightfully ended the show with its seventh season just when signs of fatigue were showing. What can be said about TNG is that it had lovable characters, great stories to tell and set the mark for its format. But on the other hand the characters weren't fleshed out properly (apart from Picard, Worf and Data) and were mostly dull, the stories rarely pushed the envelope and once it found its formula it never dared do anything different. Both these positive and negative critisms are true. TNG was a great show, flawed, but great. If you happen to catch a good episode of it then your in for a real treat.
  • Don't get me wrong, I love The Next Generation but...

    I liked the The Next Generation. There were definitely some wonderfully done episodes ans wonderful quotes and very three dimensional characters that I cared about...

    but it was unoriginal.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation... exploring the same space, meeting the same aliens, having the similar personalities, doing the same things... I love Star Trek, and this show is certainly interesting, but it will never be my favorite Trek series because it wasn't unique. I never felt anything for minor charactors except for maybe in the episode "Lower Decks". I never felt that the "bad guys" could possible right, and the Enterprise crew were the ones wrong, It was never particularly thought provoking, and it never made me cry.

    I don't understand why people seem to love it so much... I mean, yes it's a very interesting show, but originality really means a lot to me.
  • 2nd Of The Franchise Reviews

    Between The Original Series and The Next Generation, there were several films. This was an excellent way for Roddenberry to demonstrate the growth potential of the franchise and the drive of fan-dom, to accelerate a new Star trek series onto the small screen. But Roddenberry knew that any single network alone had too much power regarding the life and death of a series and the way to approach this idea was though syndication. And it was successful.

    Now that being said, was the series successful? For the Trek Fan, sure it was. To the sci-fi fan, it was good TV viewing. Without question, the first of the new generation series of Treks , this in particular, was well produced. But then again, it was Roddenberry’s child. He knew exactly what he wanted and where it needed to go.

    Enter Rick Bergman. Why enter? He was Roddenberry’s hand picked successor when Roddenberry became too ill to continue as Exec Producer. And that, what many believe, was the downward trend of this series.

    I find this series interesting, entertaining and well done. The stories were well written, even those that were rehashes of the original series. However, as the series entered its final year, things began to get stale and the characters very limited. It expanded well once the transition was made to the big screen. But that’s for another site.
  • TNG is the first Star Trek spin-off and a highly successful one at that. To me it's a classic series. The Next Generation's strengths are the excellent characters and cast but the weakness is that there is no bigger plot.

    The Next Generation is truly a classic. It's a show which almost anyone will recognize, just like the original Star Trek. If you don't know who Jean-Luc Picard is, you've most likely been living under a rock.

    It's easy to define the strong points and the weak points of this series. Obviously the characters and the cast is the main strength of TNG, the crew has excellent chemistry. There are some very unique characters like Data, performed to excellence by Brent Spiner.

    The weak points of the show are also clear to me. While the show does have many magnificent episodes during the 7-year run, it's also important to point out that there is no bigger plotline going on. To me it's always important that there are good and long arcs in a series.

    There are better Star Trek series out there than this one, DS9 and Voyager both have a strong crew and cast but those shows have major arcs and good plotlines besides that.

    However, I do recommend this show. It's a good series with a lot of magnificent episodes that you won't forget quickly. TNG is a true classic that will be remembered for a long time to come.

    Now if you don't mind, I have Earl Grey, hot, waiting for me.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great sequel to Star Trek. It has good characters as the original and good stories.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great sequel to Star Trek. It has good characters as the original and good stories.
    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a science fiction show with a heavy component based on drama. In my opinion, the science fiction elements are just the start engine and the spice used to create a developed stage to show the watcher how human behave in certain situations, like betrayal, love, prejudice, quest for power and many more. Some characters are even more good than the original, like Data, Laforge and Worf, but others don't follow the same steps. It has more important characters as well.
    Overall the episode quality is good, but there are some episodes that drop the quality solidly. Fortunately they are just a minor part of the show.
    I liked the original, but Star Trek: The Next Generation was the show that fully developed in me my liking for science fiction.
    I don't like all the show aspects, but I like them enough to find it a great show.
  • The original spinoff to the original star trek series. the show that created a cultural phenomenom.

    "Space....the final frontier...." When Jean-luc Picard recited those words at the beginning of Stat Trek: The Next Generation, tv was changed forever. Yes, the original series did spawn the five movies and all the spin offs, but TNG made the franchise legendary. With the production of the new star trek movie, TNG kiskstarted what has become a more than 45 year obsession for Trekkies. Previously, Star Trek was merely a cult classic, TNG brought the franchise to the mainstream.

    I do have to admit, however, that fist couple of seasons were kind of hokey and lackluster. If anyone remembers, in the pilot, men wore short cheerleader dresses along w/the females. The plots were so-so and the special effects ok. I seem to remember that when Riker grew his beard, the show got really good, my favorite seasons being the last two.

    Jean-luc Picard is the captain of the Enterprise. Commander Will Riker is his executive officer, Picard's "number one". Lt Data, an android, is the science officer. The chief engineer is Lt Geordi LaForge, a blind man who can see with assistance of a special visor. Doctor Beverly Crusher is the chief medical officer, who has a past with Picard, and her son Wesley is also on board. The ship's counselor is a telepathic species from Betazed named Deanna Troi. She and Commander Riker used to be involved. The first chief of security was Lt Tasha Yar who was killed off early on, replacing her was Lt Worf, a Klingon who was raised by human parents on earth.

    Lt Worf is hands down my favorite Star Trek character. After TNG, he went on to Deep Space Nine. Worf was grumpy but had a deadpan sense of humor. He would make jokes without knowing he was doing it. Great writing for the character. One of his best lines came from Qpid in season four. The crew is trapped on the holodeck recreating Robin Hood. Someone makes a comment about rogin and his merry men and Worf yells "I am not a merry man!" Star Trek TNG started my love of the Star Trek franchise. With the exception the original series, I have seen every single episode of TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. I would give the series higher than 8.5, but the first couple of seasons weren't very good. The last three definitely get 10's, TNG really hit it's stride during that time. It ended well and the movies that followed were great. Definitely give the movies a shot, the special effects are great and the writing is spot on. Very funny when it needs to be and I think we have the one only curse word in Star Trek history. In Generations, as the Enterprise is crashing, Data utters "oh s**t"
  • The long-awaited return of a live action Star Trek series to prime time. Re-dressed and updated, it keeps to the original premise, to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no man... no one has gone before.

    After several fits and starts during the 70s with Star Trek: Phase II, and with the successful resurgence and popularity of science-fiction as entertainment thanks to films like Logan's Run, Star Wars, Blade Runner. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET, and Alien, as well as television space operas like Battlestar Galactica, Space:1999, and V, and even comedies like Mork and Mindy and Alf, Paramount, owner of the property, finally dusted off the franchise. Following 3 moderately successful films and one blockbuster film (Star Trek IV:The Voyage Home), Paramount decided to give television a try once more. Recalling the nightmare of networks from his past, Roddenberry insisted that the show be syndicated or he would not participate. And so it came to be.... Slowly at first, but like a roaring train by the 6th season, a new Star Trek - Star Trek:The Next Generation, beamed into households across America in September of 1987 to much fanfare and trepidation.

    With a different take on space and future humanity's role in it (compared to everything else out there), it set a \"positive\" tone that has yet to be repeated and that causes much consternation among younger fans who wanted something darker. The creators felt they had to go this route in order to dampen the comparisons to their earlier show that created icons of its own. But despite the near polar opposite look and feel, the comparisons came anyway, with debates about who was better, Kirk or Picard, endlessly peppering the fan media, eventuallly making it to the internet via USENET and early ISP forums, and finally hitting the web when that format launched as the show had completed its run. It was not until after 2 later series debuted (Deep Space Nine and Voyager), when the silly debates began to die down as new Captains came to the fore.

    In any case, the show had a likable ensemble of characters featuring a Klingon to denote how far humanity had come since the days of Kirk and the Klingon enemy, and also featuring an android named Data, who made Brent Spiner the breakout character of the show. The Romulans, little covered in the original series, would become the nemesis of this new crew. Although the stories provided the usual drama and wonder about the universe, the setting reflected the era the late-1980s - mid-1990s, with its supposed good times, and continual emphasis that humanity would have risen above its horrid past and embraced peace and prosperity.

    The earlier seasons were somewhat uneven. But as the 4th season dawned with the resolution of a historic cliff-hanger (Best of Both Worlds), it finally got its stride, and by the 6th season, had gotten its 2nd wind. And the show would eventually reach a ratings milestone as the #1 syndicated show, topping permanent fixtures Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (with numbers that even surpassed the normal #1 rated network show for its primary airing day - Monday Night Football, during the 1991 November sweeps).

    Sadly, it was during that same record-breaking month that featured the release of original series swan song film "Star Trek VI:The Undiscovered Country and original and new series crossovers (Leonard Nimoy guest-starring on TNG and Michael Dorn in TUC) , when Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, would die.

    Overall, the show would go on to win the most awards of any Star Trek show before or since, and would solidify the franchise in the popular culture with a new set of cultural icons (including the Borg). It would lead to 3 more series and contribute to the reborn franchise\'s additional 17 years on the air, to reach a total of 24 years on-air, 735 episodes from 6 series, and 10 films that take place in that fictional universe.
  • More of the same, some years later.

    After the original “Star Trek” went off the air it became more popular. Eventually they made a new one. “Star Trek – The Next Generation” was one of the first big budget TV shows that succeeded even though it was not bought by a network. They established the concept of “first-run syndication”. Initially the show was broadcast mostly on the new Fox network. Since Fox didn’t own the rights, Paramount was able to sell it to independent and other network affiliate stations if there was no Fox affiliate in that town.

    The cast was very similar to the original series. So much so that shows written for the original Star Trek could be easily adapted to the new series. Additions like the holo-deck gave even more latitude and range of story ideas.

    This would be a great show to have on DVD, but they want over $100 per season for it, so there’s no way I would buy it.
  • Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise. It's continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations to boldly go where noone has gone before.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a wonderful, and timeless show. Even now twenty years later I still find myself enjoying the episodes. This show does a wonderful job of creating the future, while still relating to the people of the time. Star Trek: The Next Generation has all the action, drama, and character development you could ask for in any show. Noone could expect that an essential remake of a show could be as popular, if not more popular than the original. I would recomend this show to any fan of science fiction, or any fan of Star Trek in any form.
  • One of the better Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space.

    One of the better Star Trek shows. Set in the future and in outer space a group of people travel in a space ship exploring the vastness of space. Patrick Stewart played Captain Jean-Luc Picard and was replacing William Shatner's Captain Kirk. Many, including myself, thought it couldn't be done. I was wrong and so where they. What a great job he and the other on the show did. This was even better than the original in many ways. Other stars of the sow included Michael Dorn as Lt./Lt. Cmdr. Worf, Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar, LeVar Burton as Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge, Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. William T. Riker, Diana Muldaur as
    Dr. Katherine Pulaski, Marina Sirtis as Counsellor/Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi, Brent Spiner as Lt. Cmdr. Data, Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher and Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher.
  • ST: TNG is a great show...

    TNG is my third favorite ST show, behind DS9 (#2) and Voyager (#1)...

    And it's mostly due to the early seasons of the show; don't get me wrong, but even those shows were fairly good, but not as good as the later shows. The characters went through some much needed self improvements...including better uniforms.

    As for this particular episode, Q is at it again, playing with humanity...

    And while it was good to see some of the potentials of each characters future, I don't think it was one of the best episodes; may its because I think the writers played the Q card way too many times... but then again, I dunno. That opinion varies with my mood...

    At any rate, I do hope that there will be future movies...
  • I love Star Terk TNG I was a late bloomer,but I got addicted to it a few years ago. I have seen all the episodes, but I still like watching my favorites, When Wesley was almost killed for walking on the lawn on an alien planet...

    Excellent show, exciting original and weird. where do they come up with these characters?? Data and Worf are my favorites. Of course, how can anyone not like Captain Picard??? I was so glad that the betazoid and number one got together in the last movie, I hope her mother leaves them alone!!
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