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  • Boldy Going Where No Sci-Fi Has Ever Been... Star Trek - The Next Generation is one of Science Fictions proudest moments - A profound and timeless classic that endulges the immagination and inspires the soul.

    There is an unspoken, unwritten moral code that unites thousands around the world - a way of living inspired by a TV show - this is that show.

    Set 75 years after the original show, the Flag Ship of the Federation, Galaxy Class - Enterprise D is on the same mission as her namesake - to explore the Universe.

    Their adventures vary from the introspective, to adventurous, to playful, escoteric, artistic, scientific and moralistic.

    Always, though, the underlying thread is drive for the betterment of all. Now, however, there is the Prime Directive which states that the Federation cannot interfere with a pre-warp culture. There is also the Federation Charter; a set of standards and rules that the crew must abide by.

    This is a Star Trek Universe that is removed from the original series. Strange life forms aren't scary monsters - just creatures with the right to live. I think it's said in one of the TNG movies that if they met Kirk or Spock they'd probably have to arrest them!

    Born in the midst of the emergence of Political Correctness - TNG tackles serious philosophical issues in the guise of brilliant story telling. Conversely it also touches on the individual - giving valuable insights on every day issues.

    The cast is lead by Patrick Stewart (X-Men) as Captain Jean Luc Picard. Stewart at the time was an accomplished stage actor and lends his Shakespearian experience to the callibre of the episodes. In an interview with Stewart he stated that when the filming of TNG commenced he was staying in a hotel in L.A. - he didn't bother to unpack his suitcase becasue he felt the venture wouldn't live past the filming of the first few episodes.

    Stewart also commented that a mature bald British Captain, a blind man at the helm and a yellow skinned Android was an odd combination that the fans of Trek would reject.

    It is Stewart however who carries the show for its first two seasons and he gains momentum up to the final 7th season. He is passionate and punctual in his portrayals. The first season was poor, however, in the boom times of the 80's they believed in giving shows like this 2 years to grab an audience and by the second season the show is vastly improved. Seaons 4 - 7 are some of the best sci-fi you'll ever see. For people new to TNG - the finale of Season 3 is the best place to start.

    In the tradition of the original Trek, in TNG we are treated with countless guest stars like; Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) Leonard Nimoy (Spock) James Doohan (Scotty) Stephen Hawking, Ashley Judd, De Forest Kelly (Bones) Kirsten Dunst, Terri Hatcher and Tim Russ (Tuvok) - just to name a few.

    Easily the No.1 science fiction tv show ever made - this series sparked 2 spin-offs; the squeaky clean Star Trek Voyager and the wonderfully sublime, Deep Space Nine.

    There aren't many shows that can change your life - TNG is one of them.
  • One of the Most Intelligent Shows to Grace the Air-Waves

    Today, we find televisions shows to be more often than not one-dimensional, and with good cause: the majority of people love one-dimensional television shows that often do not raise cerebral themes nor query the mind to life's deeper questions. The proof behind this theory lies within the usual top 10 shows here at, but I digress from this point. The main point is that Star Trek: The Next Generation is a show that is for the intelligent viewer, and shows like this do not exist in prominence anymore Themes such as humanity's purpose, galactic politics (which of course draw upon and translate to the politics of the world today), and the discovery of the unknown permeate throughout this series from episode one to episode 176.

    The Next Generation follows the 24th century crew on board the Starship Enterprise D captained by Jean-luc Picard. Joining him on his discovery of the galaxy are Will Riker, Data, Worf, Geordi LaForge, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, and Wesley Crusher. Each character has a unique and integral background within the show, and they help us relate to the show with various allusions to people we know and understand. Picard draws upon the persona of a French philosophe of the Enlightenment (Picard is French after all). He has a strict set of high morals which do not falter throughout the series (let's not talk about the movies) and always relies on them to make the correct, well thought-out judgments. Picard is a natural-born leader as well for he radiates self-confidence and intellect. Picard is joined by his first Commander Will Riker. Riker evolves in the series from a young and eager star fleet officer to a smart, wise, and mature "Number 1" as Picard refers to him as. We find Riker to be very cunning in his tactics not only as a commander, but also with the ladies. Many of us headstrong males can relate well to Riker in these regards. Lieutenant-Commander Data is perhaps the most interesting character in that he is an Android possessing amazing powers who would trade them all for the flaws of humanity. The security chief Lieutenant-Commander Worf is the first Klingon serving in Star Fleet, and there are times we find him having to fight his natural tendencies as a Klingon when he needs to conform to Star Fleet standards, but having been raised by humans, Worf is able to keep himself in check. Geordi LaForge runs engineering as a blind man yet with a sight-enhancing visor which allows him in some respects to see more than even the average person can. He is an every-man who always gets the job done and exceeds expectations. Deanna Troi is a half Betazoid who utilizes her gifts as the ships counselor. She understands the emotions of people so well, and sometimes I imagine myself wanting to talk to her about my meager problems. Doctor Beverly Crusher is an inquisitive and moral doctor (quite similar to Picard in some respects), and is open to new ideas in the world of medicine and even beyond in the scientific community. She is joined by her son, Wesley Crusher who is a genius comparable to Mozart-as stated in the show. His gifts serve the crew of the Enterprise in various creative ways.

    Throughout the show, this unique crew chemically reacts with each other to form a new substance: that of efficiency, discovery, and righteousness. We leave this show knowing and loving this crew individually and as a whole. The genius of the show and many other shows is creating this bond with the audience and characters. Beyond that, Star Trek makes us think inwardly after we watch the show, something few shows do. The themes are very deep, even spiritual. I encourage each and every person to watch and think big about what you see. I leave you with this quote, "The human race is a remarkable creature, one with great potential, and I hope Star Trek has helped to show us what we can be if we believe in ourselves and our abilities." Gene Roddenberry, author and creator of Star Trek.
  • The continuing adventures of the Starship Enterprise. This series solidified Star Trek as one of the two most important science fiction series in the history of TV and the cinema. This series spawned three additional series and many more movies.

    What does one say about one of the iconic series in the history of television. The first Star Trek series became the prequel to this series with its two seasons and many movies. There was a call from the fans to do something new within the popular Star Trek universe. The Next Generation was that new TV series.

    Starring Patrick Stewart (Picard), Johnathan Frakes (Riker), Brent Spiner (Data), Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher), Marina Sirtis (Troi), and Michael Dorn (Worf). This show solidified many acting careers and launched many others. Frakes became a very well thought of director of Television and Movies and you still see his name pop up from time to time. Dorn along with Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien) went on to play in the Deep Space Nine series for another seven years after the completion of this series. Stewart who was well known to begin with went on to play the leader of the X-Men series Dr. Xavier and is an internationally acclaimed star. The Enterprise itself was the main character in this series as it seems to be in each series it is part of. The updated version of the Enterprise or the 1701-D is an amazing ship with an endless amount of possible stories to tell. In the tradition of the US Navy and the Federation of Planets the Enterprise strives to serve and protect the citizens of the many planets of the Federation. Serving with civility first with the capability of a powerful response if necessary. Data played by Bret Spiner was one of the first successful depictions of a an android, a created human like entity that can really think and learn emotions on his own.

    The possibility of life in the Star Trek universe is a wonderful vision of where man might go in the future. Generally very positive without a lot of the pregidous one sees today and an acceptance of everyone no matter the differences. Sort of a Utopian view of the future but I believe that is one of the charms of the show and its writing in general.

    Eventually this show brought a number of major motion pictures to the big screen and a number of other TV shows. We owe this show for the recent Abrams Star Trek motion picture and I feel this show will continue to be a catalyst for the Star Trek universe well into the future.
  • Personally speaking: the definitive Star Trek series!

    I didn't want to like it. I didn't even want to watch it because I felt it was a rip off of the original series that never got a chance.
    But the premise continued to reign, the stories were mostly excellent and the cast of characters was to die for. I think when all those factors come together, a series almost can't miss (unless you're CBS with "Moonlight"!).
    The only character I never really warmed to until the movie "First Contact" was Deanna Troi, and then, even she had me on her side. To this day, one of my all time favourite TV characters is "Data", because of the originality of his character and because of the brilliant portrayal by Brent Spiner.
    This is one DVD set that gets viewed...a lot!
  • I had doubts about this show after the first season, but during the second and third seasons, the promise of a Star Trek that rivaled the top shows on the networks came through. Long Live, Capt. Picard and his Enterprise crew!

    Although it helps to be a Star Trek fan to LOVE the show, you can get a good hour of television from this show. The writing equals and sometimes surpasses standard TV fare.

    The cast is a great ensemble acting team. Each actor supports the other to fit into the Trek universe. They join the Original Trek actors and bring life to the show and stories.
  • Space the final frontier... This has to be my favorite TV show intro ever. Space never looked as good and magnificent as in this introduction.

    This show has excellent stories although a little dull sometimes. It has some of the best episodes in the entire Star Trek universe. The new CGIs for this show make the whole Enterprise ship come alive. Mission after mission the show takes you to a different planet, different nebula, different place in the universe. Some of the stories overlap and some others are part of series with recurring characters like Q, oh how i wanted to be Q when I was a kid (i always root for the bad guys when they are interesting and smart)

    I would have liked a little more phazers being fired but overall it is a great show.
  • Star Trek tng is probably the best sci-fi show out there.

    Star Trek tng is probably the best sci-fi show out there. It is one of those shows that you just cannot stop watching. I even skip classes to find out of the crew of the Enterprise get out of their current peril. I really like episode that have "Q" in them. I will move my schedule to watch a good Star Trek tng episode that involves "Q". I was elated to find that Spike TV started showing 4 Star Trek tng episodes on Fridays. With my aim I have a special away message that I put up while I am watching Star Trek tng.
  • It's a new Starship Enterprise with a new captain and crew. Starfleet veteran Jean-Luc Picard takes his ship and crew on a series of spectacular adventures through the universe.

    The first "Star Trek" spinoff series. It is also the best. A worthy successor to what I believe is the greatest science fiction series ever. The show got started on the right note with the terrific pilot episode "Encounter at Farpoint." After struggling through a difficult second season (mainly because of Dana Muldaur who was good but vastly inferior to Gates McFadden) the show got back on track and stayed on course for the remainder of its run. The first rate cast and very well written scripts made this show worth watching every week. The spinoffs that followed were inferior.
  • Science(!)-fiction at it's very best!

    This show has been a constant source of joy to me over the years. A show where I can put on any given episode, and have a great time watching. The great thing about Roddenberrys universe is that it is a positive vision of the future as opposed to the vast number of bleak and depressing visions. A superb cast spearheaded by classical actor Patrick Stewart delivers conflict and drama, and manages to include morality without being overly pedantic.

    It is very rare when you can say that a show has changed your perception of life, but this one surely and definitely has.
  • A masterfully created sci-fi series.

    If only there were more.....Thats my opinion. I would have loved this seried to continue. I have the dvd`s, I watch from the beginning to the end. This is one of the greatest Sci-Fi series to ever hit the screen. Every episode showed a moral value. Kinda like a modern day Little House on the Prairie. I have watched every single episode. Honestly, there were a few that I didn`t care for but I would guess to say that the poor episodes made up only about .5% Even the episodes I found less entertaining were better than most of our modern sci-fi shows or might I say sci-fi attempts. I can only hope that someone, somewhere will look into creating something that follows the same path. Very little cursing, no nudity, etc. and still the series was magnificant. Thats my 2 cents worth anyway.
  • A really good show I must say.

    I have just finished Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is a good show as I had stated. But this show doesn't even compare to Star Trek: Voyager. But this show has it's perks. For say it had Data and it could split into two sections (saucer and battle). TNG was a good show and now unfortunatly it must end. Now however I am starting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I am really looking foward to it. But alas I shall miss TNG. It was good while it lasted. Just like Voyager I suggest this to anyone with love of Star Trek and fantasy/fiction.
  • Good show with good acting.

    This was a great show to watch if you wanted some great acting, a good story, and some action. Star Trek: The Next Generation was cutting edge at the time it aired. I was way too young to watch television so I didn't catch on until years and years later. But when I started watching all of the Star Trek genres, I became a fan. My favorite character in this series would have to be Data. I found his character to be an interesting one and I thought that he was rather good at human interactivity. My least favorite character had to be Riker. I found his character to be very boring and I wish he wasn't featured as much. The show was very good and I like to watch them from time to time. Thank you.
  • The original spinoff to the original star trek series. the show that created a cultural phenomenom.

    "Space....the final frontier...." When Jean-luc Picard recited those words at the beginning of Stat Trek: The Next Generation, tv was changed forever. Yes, the original series did spawn the five movies and all the spin offs, but TNG made the franchise legendary. With the production of the new star trek movie, TNG kiskstarted what has become a more than 45 year obsession for Trekkies. Previously, Star Trek was merely a cult classic, TNG brought the franchise to the mainstream.

    I do have to admit, however, that fist couple of seasons were kind of hokey and lackluster. If anyone remembers, in the pilot, men wore short cheerleader dresses along w/the females. The plots were so-so and the special effects ok. I seem to remember that when Riker grew his beard, the show got really good, my favorite seasons being the last two.

    Jean-luc Picard is the captain of the Enterprise. Commander Will Riker is his executive officer, Picard's "number one". Lt Data, an android, is the science officer. The chief engineer is Lt Geordi LaForge, a blind man who can see with assistance of a special visor. Doctor Beverly Crusher is the chief medical officer, who has a past with Picard, and her son Wesley is also on board. The ship's counselor is a telepathic species from Betazed named Deanna Troi. She and Commander Riker used to be involved. The first chief of security was Lt Tasha Yar who was killed off early on, replacing her was Lt Worf, a Klingon who was raised by human parents on earth.

    Lt Worf is hands down my favorite Star Trek character. After TNG, he went on to Deep Space Nine. Worf was grumpy but had a deadpan sense of humor. He would make jokes without knowing he was doing it. Great writing for the character. One of his best lines came from Qpid in season four. The crew is trapped on the holodeck recreating Robin Hood. Someone makes a comment about rogin and his merry men and Worf yells "I am not a merry man!" Star Trek TNG started my love of the Star Trek franchise. With the exception the original series, I have seen every single episode of TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. I would give the series higher than 8.5, but the first couple of seasons weren't very good. The last three definitely get 10's, TNG really hit it's stride during that time. It ended well and the movies that followed were great. Definitely give the movies a shot, the special effects are great and the writing is spot on. Very funny when it needs to be and I think we have the one only curse word in Star Trek history. In Generations, as the Enterprise is crashing, Data utters "oh s**t"
  • My favorite show ever! It represents Gene Roddenberry's true vision of how the future should be.

    It gives hope for the future. That someday we will have peace among all nations on Earth with no poverty, no one without a career, and everyone working to better themselves, and in turn better the human race. No money to cause greed or jealosy. Just the want to be more than we are. It has had a huge impact on the technology world. Creating the ideas that the inventors of this generation took and ran with. Like mp3 players and laser surgery. There is so much more that was inspired by Star Trek. I could go on forever but I won't. It is the reason that I get up in the morning, hoping someday the world will realize that before we go exploring new worlds we have to be together on our own world.
  • Captain Picard and crew explore strange new worlds in the finest of the Star Trek franchises.

    Perhaps the finest science fiction show ever. This show not only had some of the finest actors to ever come from the small screen, but it was the last show to have Roddenberry helming it, and as such it dealt with much more than phasers and warp speed. This was a show that provided a forum for controversial social, ethical and moral issues to be aired in an environment where they would not be explosive. The cast genuinely loved working together and it shows in the on-screen chemistry. This show was truly lightning in a bottle.
  • In my opinion the best of the star trek series.

    So for those of you who don't know, this show follows the exploits of the new crew of the USS Enterprise-D as they explore the galaxy and meet new life forms.

    This series is in many respects far superior to the original. it takes those aspects of the original series that we knw and love and improve upon them with better special effects, more alien races and better characters.

    The acting is also particularly good - especially in the later seasons when the cast have really found their feet. The plotlines are also superior to the original series with better thoughout and less political scripts.

    All in all it is everything we love about star trek only better.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is the best Star Trek series it takes the original show had expands on it and takes Star Trek to the next level to the best Sci-Fi show ever made all the characters are great apart from Wesley but every character is interesting and changes from beginning to end I would have liked a 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 season of The Next Generation then the rubbish that was Voyager, I just hope some time in the future a new Star Trek series comes along and achieves half of what The Next Generation did.
  • The best Star Trek

    As a general rule, I dislike most Star Treks, Voyager was good at times - but definitely fell apart before the end, I could barely watch Enterprise, the original was before my time, and the less said about Deep Space Nine the better.

    However, The Next Generation is truly a sci-fi great - although it has its bad episodes, many episodes are true greats. These are usually episodes involving time, the Borg or Q. The crew actually interacted with each other and the Picard could not only run a huge ship, but could also talk in depth about philosophy and other such matters. Also, The Next Generation actually has a good episode as its ending, which is seems most other Star Treks did not.

    The movies based on The Next Generation are great too ... well, the earlier ones are - First Contact was, in my opinion, the best movie, and the last good one.
  • Best Trek ever thus far.

    The original Star Trek with Shatner, Nimoy, etc. is an awesome series considering the time frame of the original series and some very cutting edge FX and tackling of social issues relevant for it's time. (1965-67)

    But TNG brought so much more to the Trek series line. The show has retained a freshness that thus far still gives the show a timeless feel to it. The FX still look incredible, the shows characters have much more depth to them and a lot of episodes deal with social issues that are relevant to humanity in the past, present and quite possibly the future as well. The movies that the program inspired are also among the best films of the big screen Trek releases.

    A lot of the science of the show is based on theoretical possibilities as well. The writers did their homework and there are a number of books that explain the science of TNG in further detail.

    A classic series for the serious or casual Trek/Sci Fi fan. I truly miss this show a great deal. It excels in ways I could elaborate on with many more words. This is truly GREAT television.
  • This has to be my favourite out of all the Star Trek series and it is thanks to its great cast and writers for giving us such great episodes to watch. It was truly ahead of its time.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favourite one out of all the Star Trek series because of its great characters, adventures and drama. Some people think that Star Trek is all about the futuristic technology and science, but that is not true for me. It has great drama and in every episode it doesn't fail to capture the audience and keep us there wanting more. The idealistic view of the future might look bleak now but it gave the show a great base to build on and gives me hope that one day we might actually be able to live in relative peace. I believe that its actors set it appart from the other Star Trek series because they make the show and keep the characters alive and unique with their strange ways and funny quirks. I truly believe that Star Trek: TNG is one of the best shows of all time and hope that people don't get put off by the stereotyping and watch the show.
  • My personal favorite "Trek"

    Personally, this "trek" was the best of all of the serieses. My particular favorite episodes involved the borg. I also loved the episodes in which the ship was taken over, by some dominating species. For me, these episodes give a sense of creativity. I also liked it whenever they would include stars from other treks, portraying their original characters.
  • If the original Star Trek series proved ground braking sci-fi TV way ahead of its time, think of The Next Generation as the mature, perfected version.

    If the original Star Trek series proved ground braking sci-fi TV way ahead of its time, think of The Next Generation as the mature, perfected version.
    ST: TNG had everything going for it:
    It was fortunate enough to be produced at a time when a decent budget allowed for effects that were both spectacular for its time and are realistic enough so as not to deter future generations from appreciating the show.
    It was fortunate to have one of the best casts in TV history. While most of the cast was great and had great chemistry, I have to mention two particular cast members, Patrick Stewart and Brent Spinner who gave masterful renditions of their characters (Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and Data) making them my favorite TV/Movie characters of all time.
    The effects and the cast would be nothing of course, if TNG was not blessed with some amazing scripts. While a few mediocre scripts crept in, there were so many memorable and well-written scripts that set a really high standard for sci-fi shows to come (usually embarrassingly high to follow). During its run, ST: TNG brilliantly explored material that could stand as the basis of good sci-fi movies (and some of this material did indeed find its way in movie scripts). And as this was not enough, there were the masterpieces... Episodes that will be deeply appreciated and remembered by fans and non-fans (like Inner Light, Best of Both Worlds etc).
    Then you have the little things that matter to sci-fi fans: First, there was a strong sense continuity. Even if the story lines were 1 or 2 eps long making the series very easy to watch (which is not the case for B5 for example), each storyline affected the future episodes. Also, the series made sure it integrated well in the Star Trek universe, as to not alienate the most serious fans. Secondly, although TNG made some scientific mistakes, they were not serious enough to distract savvy viewers.
    Lastly, TNG had some of the greatest recurring characters ever. John De Lancie's "Q", was a delight, Whoopi Goldberg's "Guinan" was a "bartender" character like no other... And then there were the Borg, the ultimate villain, whose "prepare to be assimilated" line is decidedly more hair-raising than the Dalek "exterminate".
    In all, TNG is a solid production that most likely is in the heart of every serious sci-fi fan. It is my personal favorite show of all time and I can only prey that something can rival (or dare I say surpass?) it in the future. 17 Years after it's first run it is not showing signs of aging, proof that a trully superb show can be appreciated by many generations.
  • I've watched this show since I was one week old.

    This show started one week after I was born, and my parents watched it. I don't really remember it, but it still counts. The first time I really watched it was 1995 when I was 8, and watched the tapes. We collected about 200 total Star trek tapes, which was a lot of money in the time before DVDs. Anyways, this was a show that I could watch as a little kid, and like it as much as I could any kids show. And it's gotten even better for me as I've gotten older, and have learned how to understand some of the complicated elements. The characters are deep, the stories are mind-openers, and it opened the doors for all the science fiction that came after it.
  • This show has every aspect you would expect from star trek!

    I just started watching this show a little while back, and i LOVED it. I am addicted to this show! I would buy it on dvd if it wasnt so darn expensive ;). This is a great show for anyone, star trek fan or not. Please watch this show, you will never be the same again.

    I've been an avid fan of Star Trek : The Next Generation from the first time I saw the Enterprise NCC 1701-D and Captain Jean-Luc Picard stepped out of the shadows at the very begining of "Encounter at Farpoint". For the next several years, I watched the show each week with starry-eyed attention, enjoying not only the plots and characters but also the gadgetry. In seven years, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise have visited strange new worlds, encountered life in all its galatic diversity, and faced deadlier enemies than man has ever known. They have truly gone where no one has gone before, and in the process made ST:TNG into the most successful syndicated dramatic program of all time.
  • The final frontier gets revisited by a new captain and a new crew. This show set the standard for what outer space science fiction should be.

    Just like its predecessor, Star Trek: The Next Generation became a legend. However, it was mostly a legend in its own time.
    The crew centered around Jean Luc Picard. A frenchman who sounded an awful lot like and Englishman. His number one was Riker. He was supposed to bring the brashness to the series as Kirk-type character. In the early part of the series, the women characters were weak. Tasha Yar just keep running and shooting. Troi always had a bad feeling about this or that. And Dr. Crusher was little more than the first person to show up when people were killed. The show took of by leaps and bounds. It hit its peak with the introduction of the Borg. All in all, when it comes to this show, resistance is futile. You gotta love it.
  • one of the best

    Love it I love it, this so so much better than the original, { heading for cover now} better acted better written I was not a Star Trek fan until this came around.. Patrick Stewart, is great, good actor so Sexy.. william Shatner can not compare to his class, still watch it every time I can
  • I had my doubts when ST:NG began.

    I had my doubts when ST:NG began. I was excited and worried. Would I like it? Would it live up to the original series that I had watched from the first episode? Although it took some time to adust to the new crew, the answer was a resounding YES. The values and philosophy of the original was carried over into this show. There were interesting missions, dangerous missions and comic-relief missions. Lessons were taught and learned. Like the original, it reflected its time and the politics surrounding us here on Earth. I hope one day we can live up to its ideals.
  • Reiker, Willy Reiker

    One of the best sci-fi shows of all time, no doubt also influencing many modern technical innovations. So many well written and developed characters, Picard, Data, La list goes on
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great sequel to Star Trek. It has good characters as the original and good stories.

    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great sequel to Star Trek. It has good characters as the original and good stories.
    Star Trek: The Next Generation is a science fiction show with a heavy component based on drama. In my opinion, the science fiction elements are just the start engine and the spice used to create a developed stage to show the watcher how human behave in certain situations, like betrayal, love, prejudice, quest for power and many more. Some characters are even more good than the original, like Data, Laforge and Worf, but others don't follow the same steps. It has more important characters as well.
    Overall the episode quality is good, but there are some episodes that drop the quality solidly. Fortunately they are just a minor part of the show.
    I liked the original, but Star Trek: The Next Generation was the show that fully developed in me my liking for science fiction.
    I don't like all the show aspects, but I like them enough to find it a great show.
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