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  • The new Enterprise, under the command of Captain Picard, is by a mysterious omnipotent being called Q. They are put on trial as the representatives of a species of violent savages and for crimes, done by mankind hundreds of years before.

    Do not get me wrong. I was a fan of TNG 20 years ago. Today i watch it with different eyes. Some things i still like, like the naivity of the concept of a united mankind (hello to all american readers), somethings i still can not stand (Will Wheaton). But as far as i can remember, only a hand of viewers liked him.
    What i did not realize 20 years ago was the immense amount of bad acting in the pilot episode. Denise Crosby, lesbian archetype, security officer i presume, steadily overreacts or -overact-. unbelievable her reaction in the courtroom, when she histerically cries, that these people (mankind)have saved her planet for barbary (cant recall it precisely).
    dialogues are partly simply less than intelligent. especially deanna troy remarks about q are simply stupido.
    What i liked, was the Doctor Who like atmosphere in the court-room, Q in his various costumes, the medieval spectators and the Judge Dread like soldiers. In this scene, the supporting cast was much better.