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  • Star Trek-the Politically Correct Generation

    Just over twenty years ago, when I first heard about this continuation of the Star Trek saga, I couldn't wait for it. But as time went on I became somewhat disenchanted. True, the special effects were far beyond the 1960's original, attention to the real aspects of astronomy, and hard science were much, much better than the original series, but far too many of the episodes had story lines that were weak and a little bit too touchy-feely and politically correct for my tastes. A great many of the alien races represented on the show didn't strike me as being alien at all. They behaved like feudal warlords from earth centuries ago. I think that was my biggest beef with the show, and all it's spin offs.
    Feudalism hasn't been a viable political system on our world for a long, long time...couldn't a race advanced enough for star travel do one hell of a lot better? A believable alien race for me would be physiologically much different from us with a vastly different value system that that of the human race as a result of this. The writers could have done a much better job and shown much more imagination in that respect. And yes, it's true. James Kirk got laid a lot more than Jean-Luc Picard I'm afraid. Hmmm.
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