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  • The original spinoff to the original star trek series. the show that created a cultural phenomenom.

    "Space....the final frontier...." When Jean-luc Picard recited those words at the beginning of Stat Trek: The Next Generation, tv was changed forever. Yes, the original series did spawn the five movies and all the spin offs, but TNG made the franchise legendary. With the production of the new star trek movie, TNG kiskstarted what has become a more than 45 year obsession for Trekkies. Previously, Star Trek was merely a cult classic, TNG brought the franchise to the mainstream.

    I do have to admit, however, that fist couple of seasons were kind of hokey and lackluster. If anyone remembers, in the pilot, men wore short cheerleader dresses along w/the females. The plots were so-so and the special effects ok. I seem to remember that when Riker grew his beard, the show got really good, my favorite seasons being the last two.

    Jean-luc Picard is the captain of the Enterprise. Commander Will Riker is his executive officer, Picard's "number one". Lt Data, an android, is the science officer. The chief engineer is Lt Geordi LaForge, a blind man who can see with assistance of a special visor. Doctor Beverly Crusher is the chief medical officer, who has a past with Picard, and her son Wesley is also on board. The ship's counselor is a telepathic species from Betazed named Deanna Troi. She and Commander Riker used to be involved. The first chief of security was Lt Tasha Yar who was killed off early on, replacing her was Lt Worf, a Klingon who was raised by human parents on earth.

    Lt Worf is hands down my favorite Star Trek character. After TNG, he went on to Deep Space Nine. Worf was grumpy but had a deadpan sense of humor. He would make jokes without knowing he was doing it. Great writing for the character. One of his best lines came from Qpid in season four. The crew is trapped on the holodeck recreating Robin Hood. Someone makes a comment about rogin and his merry men and Worf yells "I am not a merry man!" Star Trek TNG started my love of the Star Trek franchise. With the exception the original series, I have seen every single episode of TNG, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. I would give the series higher than 8.5, but the first couple of seasons weren't very good. The last three definitely get 10's, TNG really hit it's stride during that time. It ended well and the movies that followed were great. Definitely give the movies a shot, the special effects are great and the writing is spot on. Very funny when it needs to be and I think we have the one only curse word in Star Trek history. In Generations, as the Enterprise is crashing, Data utters "oh s**t"
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