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  • Good Writing (usually), OK acting...

    TNG is often praised as the cream of the crop when it comes to Star Trek series. But though it had its moments, it really didn't hold a candle to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Next Generation was plagued by 3 things:

    1) Through the first couple of seasons, it was a carbon copy of the original series. Although, with the introduction of the Borg, it laid the groundwork for the best villain in all of TV history (only to see that villain turned into CGI manikins by ST: Voyager).

    2)While Patrick Stewart is ubiquitously and rightly praised for his performance as Captain Picard, often I find that the acting on this show is a little less than good. In particular, Gates McFadden (worst), Marina Sirtis (pretty bad), Michael Dorn (OK) and Jonathan Frakes (take him or leave him). Brent Spiner was good, and LeVar Burton was totally underused.

    3) Deus ex Machina. All to often, God would come down on his spaceship and save the day.

    Best Episode: Tie between "The Best of Both Worlds I & II" and "The Inner Light"