Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 17

Samaritan Snare

Aired Unknown May 15, 1989 on CBS

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  • Harmless

    Agree that two mediocre plots wrangled together does not make a good one! With Picard and Wessers going off on their one-to-one father/son chat and the crew finding unnessecary trouble responding to a distress call this episode is a good candidate to miss.

    The who trouble with Jordi's kidnap could have been avoided if the "redoubtable" Ryker had followed his own procedures and sent an escort with him, namely Worf who would have torn apart the abductors in seconds.

    The pace of the episode rarely rises above an amble, even when Deanna warns Ryker about possible subtefuge! At least Picard gets brought down a peg, by Dr. Palanski who saves his life when his "routine" op goes wrong.

    The Pakleds are such are benign race that everything that Jordi does is frankly laughable and only serves to get him into his predicament. It is the Pakled's use of the phasers on Jordi that lighten the mood and while I know I shouldnt I couldnt stop laughing as he is flung about their ship in pain! Serves him right for me arogant and odious.

    At least Ensign Sonya Gomez saves us from suffering anymore
    when she releases a harmless gas to confuse the Pakled, from the crews plan to communicate a secret course of action to Jordi to help him escape. The fact that Picard is about to lose his life is the only incentive to the crew to get the job done and the only thing keeping the viewer from switching off.

    They should have kidnapped the writers and operated on the production team instead!

    Very missable!