Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1992 on CBS

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  • Star Trek's first alien abduction story (in the conventional sense)

    Schisms is Star Trek's first look at the alien abduction phenomena as we know. It works surprisingly well and it stands up to multiple viewing.

    The episode starts out slow but becomes fast paced at the end, almost to extreme. It would had been nice if care had been taken to keep the episode more evenly paced.

    One criticism of this episode is that the holodeck appears to be "too smart". During the scene in which the abductees are recreating their alien encounter for Troi, the computer seems to be making correct assumptions when building the table that it couldn't possibly had made from the voice commands given. This was obviously done to speed up what was already perhaps too long a segment.

    Major debate ranges over why the word Schisms would be chosen for the episode's title. Memory Alpha states "A schism is a split or division. As such, the title refers to the splits in subspace that allow the aliens to abduct crew-members". It neglects to mention that the word has a strong connotation with a split in a religion. The only other place I've seen the word schism used remotely similar would be in Hell Raiser where the portal to the cenobite's world was referred to by this word. I can only guess that the title is a tribute to Hell Raiser, something not confirmed by the show's producers.