Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 17

Sins Of The Father

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 1990 on CBS

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  • One of TNG's best


    Like "Amok Time" from the original series, this episode finally gives Trek fans an in depth look at a culture they've hungered to see more of. "Sins of the Father" visits the Klingon homeworld, redefining the aliens and setting in motion events that would influence Star Trek for many years to come. It's a landmark, memorable episode that's on most fans' "must see" lists for this series.

    Naturally, it's a Worf story, and it features a breakout performance by Michael Dorn, who finally gets a handle on his character. But writer Ron Moore also uses Picard nicely, placing the Captain in a foreign culture and having him walk the fine line between being Worf's Cha'DIch (making Worf his superior) while also still being the Captain, in command and responsible for Worf and the Federation. Featuring some great guest stars (notably, Tony Todd and Charles Cooper), this episode serves as the first part of a four part story arc, with the next chapter being the fourth season episode "Reunion". Unfortunately, the episode starts a bit slow, meandering for a while before getting into the meat of the story. However, when the episode begins picking up momentum, it's Star Trek at its best.

  • Worf, how far you've come! A huge character development step forward for our favorite security officer, and also pivotal for the Klingons' role in Star Trek going forward.

    During the last 3 seasons of TNG's run, Klingon episodes became progressively less interesting. However, this certainly isn't true for the arc that began in "Sins of the Father" and ran through "Redemption".

    Worf was among the last TNG characters to "arrive". He was incredibly one-dimensional and lame in season 1, and even during season 2 and the beginning of season 3 you can see Michael Dorn groping at establishing the character. However, it's clear that by this point Dorn had figured it out. This was obviously his best TNG performance up to this point, and can easily be identified with the Worf we know in later seasons.

    Klingon episodes tend to be predictably over-the-top and melodramatic, and this one is no different. The novelty of the Klingons wears off for a repeat viewer. That said, this is a very good one – particularly in the 2nd half, where the pieces start falling into place and we discover that the war-like, honor-driven Empire is run by pragmatic, corrupt politicians. The dramatic ending leaves the door open for some classic episodes yet to come.
  • Worf's family reunion....

    An officer exchange program between the Federation and the Klingon Empire lands Klingon Commander Kurn on the Enterprise as acting First Officer (after Riker served on a Klingon vessel some time earlier). Kurn begins to irritate the entire crew of the Enterprise with his harsh methods - and especially gives Worf a hard time.

    Starting off a tad bit slow and including some too weird for its own good style portrayal of the Klingons, "Sins Of The Father" surprisingly ends up being a real good Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. The beginning part of the story, with Kurn bugging everyone while onboard the Enterprise, becomes old very fast and you begin to wonder if "Sins Of The Father" is going to be one of the duds of the Next Generation series. However, Worf finds out that his family name has been disgraced with his dead father being wrongfully accused of being a traitor - suddenly, the plot gets exciting as it thickens with Worf uncovering more than just a case against his family and Picard getting involved.

    With the extended role of Worf in the episode, Michael Dorn really gets to shine - and shine he does. In an interesting role reversal, rather than the usual Captain-subordinate officer relationship, Picard is standing at Worf's side in a Klingon affair. This twist in Picard and Worf's character relationship gives Patrick Stewart an opportunity to offer up a unique Picard performance, which he definitely cashes in on. While Stewart and Dorn are very good, unfortunately Tony Todd does not fair as well in his guest role as Kurn - but he does not ruin the episode by any means. "Sins Of The Father" see Stewart and Dorn in excellent roles but it also develops the Klingons as a culture and people, which also gives this episode a special place in Trek history.
  • Participating in a officer exchange program we welcome aboard the "Enterprise", Kurn. Kurn is a Klingon commander. He will be serving as first officer aboard the "Enterprise". Later we find out he is Lt Worf's younger brother. He informs Worf thier father

    Participating in a officer exchange program we welcome aboard the "Enterprise", Kurn. Kurn is a Klingon commander. He will be serving as first officer aboard the "Enterprise". Later we find out he is Lt Worf's younger brother. He informs Worf thier father is deemed a traitor to the Klingon Empire. Worf request to return to the Klingon home world to challenge the high counsel's ruling. Kurn is injured Worf then asks PIcard to be his Cha'dich. A good choice we find. Picard finds evidence that Worf's father is innocent. Who's honor is being protected? I rate this one a 8.5.