Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 23

Skin Of Evil

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1988 on CBS

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  • A completely irrelevant character dies (good riddance!); also, some very cheesy special effects.

    Apparently I am in the minority on this episode -- I think it is completely unremarkable. Tasha Yar's character dies much as she "lived", completely pointlessly. Perhaps on some level it is shocking to kill off a cast member so abruptly, but since we don't actually care about that character you also don't when she doesn't show up in the next episode. The big plus, of course, is that getting rid of that dead weight generated an opening into which Michael Dorn's Worf stepped in very capably. And her farewell is painful to watch, just overly sentimental nonsense that should have been axed out of the script.

    When watching Armus, a malevolent oil-blob, you can't help thinking how much special effects have improved in the past twenty years. I suppose in the late 80s this thing seemed scary, but now it is just ridiculous. In some other episodes ("Arsenal of Freedom") it is possible to ignore these shortcomings due to a strong story, but here the cheap B-movie style of early TNG sits front and center... and it ain't pretty.

    That said, a few good points: the bridge crew arguing around the table, obviously shocked by Tasha's death, until Picard brings the meeting to order. Troi's initial scenes in the shuttle are nice, showing that she could do more than make one-liners and captain-obvious "empathic" observations.