Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 14

Sub Rosa

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1994 on CBS

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  • The Howard name is continued by Ronin\\\'s continuing relationships with Howard daughters, as is explained in the episode. Also, McFly can be seen on a gravestone during the climax of the episode, an obvious reference to the Back to the Future movies.

    It would have been nice to add all this in the appropriate spots, had let me. Apparently if you haven\\\'t spent hours of your life on this site, you\\\'re not good enough to know anything about the hours of TV you\\\'ve watched. The explanation of the Howard name is vague to say the least, but it is a futuristic fictional TV show, so I guess you have to let some things slide. Ronin explains in the Howard home that he has loved every Howard woman since... well whoever the first was. I have to agree this episode was relatively boring. It does seem to develop the relationship between Capt. Picard and Dr. Crusher, or at least give some insight, but since we know that this was the final season now, it\\\'s meaningless. As for the McFly gravestone, well it was the first thing I noticed (since this didn\\\'t exactly \\\"suck the audience in\\\" I spent most of my time making idle observations) and would seem an obvious reference to the Back to the Future movies. Info can be found here: