Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 14

Sub Rosa

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1994 on CBS

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  • It's a shame to waste Gates McFadden's acting skills on an episode like this.

    Aside from some growing pains in the 1st season, Gates McFadden was easily the best female actress on TNG. For whatever reason, the writers didn't seem inclined to write much for her, wasting that talent.

    This episode does exploit that talent... within the context of a rather dull, uninteresting story. The story really isn't Star Trek, though that is not a big deal for me. More importantly, it takes a while to get started and is rather slow once it does. The guy playing Ronin decidedly lacks the charisma one would expect from an inter-generational lothario.

    That said, McFadden does manage to make some lemonade out of this lemon. Compare it to some of the Marina Sirtis romance episodes. There are plenty of weak episodes in the 7th season of TNG, but this is not the worst.
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