Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 7 Episode 14

Sub Rosa

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1994 on CBS

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  • Hopefully Wesley never watches this episode, or he'll be creeped out for life.

    With a Latin title that means "under the rose" (an expression meaning "secretly", derived from the time when roses were used at Roman gatherings to signal that what was said should be kept confidential,) this Dr. Crusher gothic ghost story is a complete departure for the Star Trek franchise. Seemingly inspired by Anne Rice (with Dr. Crusher's feminine ancestors even holding onto their family name like the Witches in The Witching Hour; and having that name, Howard, happen to be Anne Rice's real first name,) the episode's A story mostly abandons the ship for a Scottish town (well, a Federation colony meant to look like one, at any rate) where director Jonathan Frakes and actress Gates McFadden have a blast raising the sexual tension with each successive scene.

    The B story, about the planet's malfunctioning weather control, is mostly there to provide atmosphere for the A story and give the bridge crew something to do.

    Duncan Regehr guest stars as the inter generational lothario. He's great eye candy and whispers nicely but doesn't do much more for the episode (although he sure does it for Dr. Crusher.) And the closing act also has too much technobabble for a ghost story anyway, so the end result is that the episode's buildup exceeds its payoff (except again for Dr. Crusher).