Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Unknown May 10, 1993 on CBS

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  • Dr. Crusher tries to solve a murder mystery

    Gates McFadden summons her inner "Dr. Quincy" in this female dominated murder mystery. The Dr. Crusher episode is most memorable for its unusual chronological structure, tossing the viewer into the middle of the story right at the outset (with Guinan serving as the audience's surrogate) before plunging forward about halfway through. Unfortunately, while McFadden and Whoopi Goldberg work well together, there are just enough plot holes and just enough boredom to keep this one from being interesting. (Originally, this was to be a Worf episode, and the murder mystery was attached to an environmental themed plot about the danger of warp travel. With too many Worf stories this season, the writers were asked to substitute Crusher in her place, and the environmental angle was taken out to be used in another episode. As a result, Dr. Crusher is performing functions outside of her position, and the hastily put together science experiment that drives the episode lacks any umph.) Sadly, this is Goldberg's last appearance in the series, although she stars in the first feature film.
  • The worst Next Generation episode in it's seven season run.

    I don't even know where to begin with this one. Nothing clicks or makes sense. Why is DOCTOR Crusher suddenly passionately interested in Metaphasic Shield techniques that would allow ships to travel into a star's corona? Why would she be working at the engineering station during the dangerous test rather than Geordie? And for that matter why not run a shuttle on autopilot into the corona rather than unnecessarily risk someone's life? I'm fairly certain the computers of the day were advanced enough to "push a button" once they entered the corona. The bad writing doesn't stop at the plot, the dialogue is extremely off and stilted. We know the group visiting the Enterprise are scientists because every few minutes Dr. Crusher refers to them collectively as "The Scientists". The Ferengi Scientist wants his invention to make him a well known scientist. I felt like I was listening to a bad 1950's sci-fi movie. The acting felt rushed and unrehearsed, like everything was done on the first take and then they quickly moved on to the next scene. There's a good episode buried somewhere beneath the uncharacteristically poor writing and acting. I think by swapping the Dr. with Geordie and working out some of those plot holes this could have been a good one. Unfortunately I'd have to rank it as the worst of the series.
  • A decent Beverly murder mystery.

    For whatever reason, I feel like Dr. Crusher was one of the most underwritten characters on TNG. We have plenty of silly episodes centered around Troi, but Gates McFadden is a better actress than Marina Sirtis and there's no good reason for the misallocation of writing resources.

    The story itself is a moderately interesting murder mystery. The best part is when Beverly shoots the murderer - first to create a donut-shape in his torso, then to destroy him. It's nice to have a Whoopi Goldberg appearance, something that became much more rare during the 6th season. (Was this the last one?)

    This episode isn't anything earth-shattering, but you won't feel like you've wasted your time after watching it.
  • A Crush-ing Whodunnit!

    Probably the best part of this episode is the ending. Yes, you'll be able to see it coming, but at least McFadden pulls it off with some gusto.

    The story is basically a whodunnit casting McFadden as the investigating protagonist. Portions of the story are told in a omnipetent narrative, voiced by Dr. Crusher. Setting Beverly in immediate career peril at least makes us care what is about to unfold - even if we know that she will get out of it. The suspects are formed by the group of scientists that are onboard the Enterprise to verify the claim of the Ferengi inventor.

    I found the scientific subject matter to be rather interesting and if you like this too, it will keep you watching in order to learn a small amount on the theory of Solar Shielding. Which is good because unfortunately the pace of the story is fairly mundane. Personally I find that style doesn't suit ST, and where it has been done before by Jordi, Data and Picard - it disrupts the immersion into the story. Between the somewhat apathetic tone of McFadden's voice when she switches to narrating mode and the benignity of the antagonist, the whole sceenplay just fails to inspire.

    What little action there is funnels towards an inevitable conflict between what Beverly considers her duty and Picard having to follow regulations. Throughout an average middle act the scenes showing Beverly investigating the crime and proving the theory worked push us through to the end. Where at least though the action gets going in the final act. When Beverly has to take matters into her own hands where the best twist you could imagine for what is, a fairly average episode is played out.

    Wouldn't be the end of the world if you missed it - though a reference to the technology that is proven here is used in the 1st episode of series 7, when Beverly is in command of the Enterprise against an unconvential Borg ship.
  • Awful episode, which is a shame, because Beverly is great.

    TNG tries to do a murder mystery. but it just seems stale to me. It's not terribly mysterious (since the obvious answer is the least obvious suspect), and the guest stars don't offer up anything noteworthy. Beverly Crusher, for whatever reason, has this problem of not being written well throughout the series. She rarely gets anything interesting to do, and most times, when she does, it's pretty lame (check out "Sub Rosa" in Season 7). But still, when she is given a chance, she does quite well. In fact, in this very episode, it's a great performance. She acts very genuine and it's cool to see her excited about something scientific (usually reserved for Geordi). It's just a shame that the whole episode is a dumb murder mystery with little beneath the surface. Maybe some kind of appealing b-plot would've helped. It's just such a shame that Gates McFadden doesn't get many good episodes, because she is so talented.
  • Guinan visits Beverly Crusher in her quarters, to get help for a elbow injury. Crusher says she is going to have to see another doctor. She is no longer a doctor. Guinan talks with Crusher ands asks what went wrong. Crusher tells her story.

    Guinan visits Beverly Crusher in her quarters, to get help for a elbow injury. Crusher says she is going to have to see another doctor. She is no longer a doctor. Guinan talks with Crusher ands asks what went wrong. Crusher tells her story. Dr. Reyga (Ferengi scientist) has invented a shield capable of keeping a vehicle intact while it enters sun’s corona. A Takaran scientist named Jo’Bril, volunteered to fly a shuttle into a sun’s corona. The shuttle remained intact but Jo’Bril somehow died. Dr Reyga ends up dead, too. Crusher risks her career when she does a autopsy.
  • dont, just dont: bervely's kung fu style?, cientst's powers unknow? (a bad english) nao mete essa: Bervely's Kung Fu Styles e super poderes desconhecidos de cientista (Portugues from Brazil-Rio de Janeiro)

    Dr. Bervely try to prove an experiment of a Fereng cientist, but it's become on an investigation when two mysterious deads ocours on enterprise.
    Bervely runs alone into the investigation risking her job and her life to find the assassin.
    A 6.0 (standart) score to the story, but it turns to 4.5 in the final, based in a unknow alien anatomy and a bervely kung fu style.

    Dr Bervely tenta defender um novo experimento de um cientista Ferengi, mas a estória se torna uma investigacao quando duas mortes misteriosas ocorrem na nave.
    Bervely tem que resolver o misterio sozinha, pois foi afastada do cargo, por usar metodos nao convencionais baseada em suas hipoteses. Pondo em risco seu trabalho e ate sua vida, na busca pelo assassino.
    Uma pontuacao de 6.0 pela ideia, mas o final e desastroso, baseado numa anatomia desconhecida de um alienigena e no kung fu da doutora.