Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 15


Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1993 on CBS

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  • Utterly Rubbish

    Picard gets the chance to avert his fight with the nausicans who skewered him as ensign.

    Unfortunately the central premise of the show is fataly flawed.This episode has you believe if picard had not fought the nausicans his life would have been
    that of an unmovivated drifter ,a 60+ junior leutentant.
    Unfortunately I DONT BUY IT
    Is this the same picard that spent his life pushing himself to get great grades at school?
    "He always won the ribbon" as his brother remembers.
    The same young man who spent his night looking at the stars and dreaming of space ships?
    The same young man who stood his girlfriend up at the eiffel tower to pursue a starfleet career?
    The same young man who won the academy marathon as a freshman.(the only fresh ever to do so ).
    And just because He Didt Get Stabbed he suddenly became a giant loser???
    not a chance Ron moore has discussed this ep
    he remebered crashing out of college and screwing up his life but it eventually put him in a position to get on star trek.Good for him.Alls well that ends well etc

    Okay buddy that your life not Picards

    Yes past mistakes and triumphs define who we are today.

    But he really should have watched an episode of star (just one) before he did this
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