Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 21

The Arsenal Of Freedom

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1988 on CBS

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  • A refreshing change of pace: an exciting, undemanding action-oriented romp that gives the series a shot in the arm.

    'The Arsenal of Freedom' is clearly one of the strongest episodes of the first season and works nicely as an action-adventure that throws the characters into a set of pretty nasty circumstances and watches them flail.

    I liked the idea behind the premise - that a planet of arms merchants were inadvertantly wiped out by their own creations. I'm not sure exactly what happened to cause this and it's never satisfactorily explained, but it's a nifty idea nonetheless and thankfully the writers don't feel the need to bludgeon us over the head with the moral (unlike many other first season episodes, including the following episode 'Symbiosis').

    It's not an episode that has aged terribly well: the planet set wouldn't have been out of place in the Original Series and the special effects are pretty cheesy-looking. But that aside it's well-paced and nicely executed. It's also nice to see Geordi get a decent sub-plot, but the chief engineer Logan is a horribly, horribly obnoxious git - and what's with the horrendous staff turnover in the engineering department during the first season? Good though!
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