Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 9

The Battle

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1987 on CBS

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  • A Ferengi captain hands over the U.S.S. Stargazer, Picard's former ship, which has been drifting through space. However, the Ferengi captain has revenge on his mind after a battle with Picard years before. One of the best of the season...

    Looking at the other reviews and ratings for "The Battle", I both agree and disagree. Totally agree in that this is a definite upturn in quality, having more of a feel of the polished episodes we would become accustomed to after the first season. I disagree in that surely this episode deserves a better rating that the current (as of March 2011) 7.5.

    This was one of the first TNG episodes that really made me sit up and take notice. After the very dodgy first couple of episodes, there had been steady improvement, but the series definitely still had the wobbles (I would pick out "Where No One Has Gone Before" as the only previous outstanding episode). With "The Battle", you get a decent plot, and really care for what is going on.

    At this stage, the Ferengi were still planned as the show's "big enemy" (taking over from the Klingons in the Original Series). Of course, this never happened, as they were just too comical, but in fairness, the Ferengi we encounter here are more fine-tuned than the unintentionally hilarious ones we saw in the Ferengi's debute episode, "The Last Outpost". Although they would never have what it took to be taken as a serious threat, instead being reworked into the comical, sometimes deceptive money-grabbing role that more suited then, but to be fair, here they feel like much more of a menace than in their first appearance.

    I really like this story, and think it plays out very well. Picard's hallucinogenic commanding of his old ship, beliving the Enterprise to be the enemy, is quite memorable – well, by first season standards at least.

    The in-episode musical score is also very good, mostly consisting of the eerie, mysterious type music that would be used for many mid and later first season instalments.

    There is little I really like about this episode. It probably would have been executed tighter and sharper if tackled in a later season, maybe even becoming a series classic, but, other than Wesley being rather annoying in this one (and once again, he just happens to have key information to save the day), I find very little to dislike about this story.

    Most people might only rank it in the 7s or 8s at most, but personally, I really enjoyed watching "The Battle", and give it a very respectable 9.5.
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