Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 12

The Big Goodbye

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1988 on CBS

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  • Picard gets stuck in the holodeck in a Dickson Hill book when the holodeck misfunctions. Everything quickly goes wrong when the characters of the program come to life and shoot one of the crew members.

    Definately not one of my favorites...I actually found this pretty boring. However, it does help develop our knowledge of the holodeck and a little of Picards personal life...which i guess is ...boring.

    This episode could have been better if it would have been based on a better story or something instead of Dickson Hill.

    The most fascinating thing about this episode seems to be the race of lizards or whatever that we never get to see....

    Too bad this episode waited till the last sentence to get some humor in it. Im talking about when Picard says "Step on it!" instead of engage....this was only mildly amusing, however.
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