Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 2

The Ensigns Of Command

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1989 on CBS

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  • Picard & Data - diplomats....

    "The Ensigns Of Command" is a pretty good episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation but it is not one of the great episodes of the third season or series as a whole. Picard and Data must play the diplomatic game on two fronts: Data must convince a group of people living on a planet in alien space that they must relocate and Picard must convince an alien race not to eradicate the group of people and allow the Federation time to relocate them. Both fronts prove to be difficult in their own ways but the major difference between the two fronts lie in how our stars handle them. While Picard is a veteran in the art of diplomacy, Data is not well equipped to handle personal negotiations at all and therefore must learn as he attempts to carry out his duty.

    "The Ensigns Of Command" features some interesting parts for Picard and Data to play as individual characters and likewise features fine acting from Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner - and the episode is bookended by a two truly fascinating few-minute scenes with Picard helping Data along in understanding humanity and individualism - but the relocation story is not so interesting. Nothing about the story is particularly gripping or exciting and the audience can all-too-easily guess how it will all end. On top of that, the supporting guest actors who play the inhabitants who Data must convince to leave are all very, very bad in their roles. I would have preferred to have watched trained dogs and cats in the roles instead of actual actors, since they would have no doubt been more vibrant performers. Still, "The Ensigns Of Command" is one of the better TNG episodes - an enjoyable 45 minutes of Picard and Data doing their thing.