Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 6

The Game

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1991 on CBS

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  • Wil Wheaton finally gets his due with a great action episode.

    Unlike Denise Crosby, who got multiple 2nd chances on TNG and each time convinced us that canning her character was a good idea, Wil Wheaton was a victim of poor writing. Cast as an annoying teenager who ended up saving the day far too often, he simply didn't get the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful manner. (Compare that to the character of Jake Sisko, who was used more sparingly but in a more satisfying manner.)

    Once Wheaton became an occasional guest star, the writers suddenly focused on writing good stories for him. (I think the departure of Gene Roddenberry, who was a well-meaning but harmful influence on the character's development, made a difference.)

    This isn't a "heavy" episode - there are no big themes (aside from a nod to drug abuse), no heavy character development. Nothing more than a tight, well-written action episode. There's also some great humor here - particularly Wesley's interaction with Data near the beginning. But the episode, clearly echoing "Invasion of the Body Snatches", builds and builds to a fever pitch. Even after you've seen it once, the chase sequence near the end keeps you on the edge of your seat. And Ashley Judd... enough said.

    This episode is clearly topped by "The First Duty", but is highly recommended.