Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 23

The Host

Aired Unknown May 13, 1991 on CBS

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  • List of characters and Guest Stars

    Nothing found on who played the part of Odan/female. Seems to me I recognize her as Helen Hunt by her mouth and speaking manner but can't find any confirmation of that. As for the comment johndoe70 made, they didn't drop the ball by not getting into a gay/lesbian senario. In real life there are those that are gay and those that are not. Dr. Crusher was already characterized as being a female who likes men. I'm really getting tired of everyone from every sexual preference insisting they be portrayed in TV shows. What is "Normal" is men/women as God intended. Be who you want to be, but get over it and don't feel the need to broadcast it.
  • Dr. Crusher finds more in her lover's pants than she bargained for

    TNG only scratches the surface with the fascinating race introduced in this Dr. Crusher episode, leaving many issues on the table which would go on to be explored in Deep Space Nine. (Considering that most of the Trill precedents laid down in "The Host" would be disregarded in DS9 anyway, maybe it's better that the scope here is limited.) But the episode uses the regulars well and explores some interesting ideas in a limited way. (And it's nice to see Dr. Crusher has a social life.)
  • The introduction of the Trills, who would become a major character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, with Dr. Crusher being unable to continue the relationship she starts with a Trill ambassador when he moves into a female host.

    This is a good episode, overall, and marks the introduction of the Trills. Yet, I cannot but help think that Star Trek, a series that loves to pat itself on the back for being progressive, really dropped the ball on this one. Dr. Crusher falls in love with a visiting Trill diplomat, but breaks off the affair when an accident forces the Trill into a new, female host. It is not too clear if she is uncomfortable with the different species-host or the same-sex aspect of the relationship.

    The episode should have made this clearer and dealt with the silent elephant in the room (starship?); gender identity and homophobia. Later on in Deep Space Nince, "Rejoined" the issue of gender identity/sexuality is dealt with a bit better, but I still feel that the powers-that-be at Star Trek were being too timid.
  • I'm surprised the other reviews are so nice.

    This episode is crap. I hate to be like that, but sometimes that's just how it is. The writing is awful, the directing is worse, the acting is bad, (which is probably a result of the directing, since these are actors who normally do a good job) the flow is unnatural... even the music is wrong. This feels about as much like an episode of Star Trek as Odan inside Riker's body feels like Riker. It's as if the episode was written and directed by imposters. Maybe it was? I'm not sure who was responsible for this. Maybe it was someone's directorial debut or something. The only reason this was watchable is because I'm watching all the TNG's in order and I'm not going to skip any. What's a shame is that the plot could have been interesting had every other thing been different. Oh well. Que sera sera.
  • bad overtones

    the plot is interesting between crusher and Ambassador Odan it is a love story but in alot of ways it could have been better i mean this is a typical case of the body being taken over by something that is harmful to the body itself not a first on star trek. next there is the thing that it takes over riker and they have the Ambassador Odan romance taken over by riker who oi vey goes for soo many now they have him go for a college "under the influence" of an alien. however the WORST thing is the end and that is what kills it for me it shows Anti LGBT and above all other anti L&T in this show it makes me ashamed to be a fan of the show shame on you the writers and producers shame on you big time.
  • The Trill Species is introduced. Unfortunately unlike on DS9 they're really ugly and have not been known to the Federation for that long. Oh, Yeah Beverly bonks Riker Odan as well

    Earlier this Season the Cardassians were introduced which are a main stay of Deep Space Nine. Here is another species also expanded on in that show as well. Unfortunately unlike the Cardassians the base facts of the Federation's history with them, the rules and regulations and the symbiont itself are not nearly as close to completion yet. Personally I prefer the DS9 trills as they have more depth and don't have generic forehead no.31.

    Anyhoos the story itself is simple here. Over the past few weeks Doctor Beverly Crusher fell in love with the Trill Ambassoder 'Odan' (No host name is given). Not much is known about the Trill so when the host dies Riker elects to have the symbiont transferred to him. Which creates Riker Odan and confusion in Beverly who doesn't know whether to sleep with him or not. There is also something about Odan conducting peace talks between two moons which is really just a device to get him there. Anyway, Riker starts burning up as the symbiont rejects him. Will the replacement Trill host get to The Enterprise in time?

    This episode isn't bad just not that accomplished, its also quite predictable if you know anything about the Trill. Poor Beverly as well getting all confused. Given the end we know she's not confused about her sexuality though.
  • A nice, thought-provoking "people" story.

    A lot of fans seem to take exception to this episode's lack of continuity with DS9. That's not an issue I particularly care about.

    The story here doesn't have much action - it's a "people" story. I always thought Dr. Crusher was easily the more interesting of the Enterprise's two female senior staff, and this episode showcases why. (Sadly, I think the writers underserved the character over the series run.) How much of a person's identity is tied to their body? "Not much, but not nothing", concludes Beverly.

    Despite my dissing of Troi earlier, she offers a nice assist here. The writers' inclusion of a "jealous Picard" scene was also a nice touch.
  • Beverly Crusher become romantically involved with Odan who is a trill ambassador.Odan is on his way to the Peliar. To meet with representatives of the Peliar Alpha & Beta moons to negotiate peace. Riker takes Odan to his destination using a shuttlecraft

    Beverly Crusher become romantically involved with Odan who is a trill ambassador. Odan is on his way to the Peliar. To meet with representatives of the Peliar Alpha & Beta moons to negotiate peace. Riker takes Odan to his destination using a shuttlecraft In The process the shuttlecraft is fired upon. Odan is severely injured or is he? We find out Odan is really a parasite in a body which is dying. Riker volunteers to be the host body for Odan until a replacement host is sent. Odan’s host body arrives. I rate this one a 7.9 for suspense.
  • Since I can't make a submission, I guess this'll have to do. (info on Trills)

    Ok, I've seen some posts on people who are a little confused about the discrepency between this episode and the Trill on Deep Space 9. According to, Odan's host was of a different race than the normal, spotted Trills.

    Also, Jadzia was joined only two years before she was assigned to Deep Space 9, which would have been about the time of this episode. This almost explains the lack of Trill knowledge... until you look back on the fact that Curzon Dax was "a diplomat for the Federation was helping to negotiate the Khitomer Accords in 2293." This is 74 years before this eppisode. So, in all this episode should not be used as a reference for refering to the Trill.
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