Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 3 Episode 11

The Hunted

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 1990 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Data is downloading data from the Angosian database, Deanna requests a search of Roga Danar's military records. When displaying the data, the computer displays "Search Paramters," a misspelling of the word "Parameters."

    • When Danar is loose in engineering he knocks out everybody including Geordi. When we see Geordi the first time, his visor is on the floor five feet away. The next shot shows him waking up in the same position with his visor on him.

    • While loose on the ship, Danar subdues a security officer and then is able to lower a forcefield simply by ordering it to be deactivated, into the security officer's comm badge. It seems unlikely that deactivating a security field would be so easy while there is a prisoner loose. Whether the field is controlled manually from the bridge, or automatically by the computer, one would think that some sort of voice recognition and/or clearance code would be required.

    • Trivia: Roga Danar's escape from the detention cell is the only time that anyone has successfully broken free of a transporter beam.

    • Danar does not need life-signs to be transported through the transporter-beam. The beam can transport cargo, clothes, dead people/aliens, food etc so why not a "non-living" being? He is some form of matter/energy moving between/in air particles, so he should even be easier to transport then a living being.

    • In the second to last scene on the planet, Danar shoots a hole in the wall, then later it is gone.

    • When Danar is being beamed aboard, he is said to be "in stasis" until the security team arrives. However, his arm can be seen to be moving as he is standing half-beamed on the transporter pad.

    • In "Brothers," it was stated that the ship's sensors can't find artificial life forms. Here Data states that the sensors can find artificial life forms.

    • James Cromwell really mangles a line - listen when he says that Lunar V is a "maximum security 'sisfility'."

    • This is the first and last time we see Jeffries' tubes on Enterprise high enough for a man to stand up in and walk through.

    • It's not clear how they can transport Danar if he has no life sign readings - transporters have to lock onto something to beam someone. Even if Danar has a non-living pattern due to his alterations, the ship's sensors should be able to pick him up. But when Data tries to track him later, Danar is simply invisible to sensors.

    • Riker tells Worf to set his phaser on "maximum stun" to knock out Danar. Worf cranks it up to Level 16 - a phaser at level 7 generates a temperature of 2,300 degrees.

    • Look at the blocks that "crush" Worf in the cargo bay when he pushes them aside - the wobble actually indicates very light blocks indeed (probably styrofoam or comparable): the faster the wobble, the lighter the material.

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